Labor Day News Sidebars

Jack wrote this in September, 2005:

Most of this is none of your business and certainly none of my business by the definition I posted a couple of entries ago.  But here it is, anyway.  Remember where you heard it first:

One headline: Congress May Act On Immigration.

Hmmm. Interesting timing.

A rising tide of national outrage over failing immigration policies will finally force some kind of action this session, says the ABQ Journal. Says US Rep. Tom Udall’s statement about it is, “Part of the reason we haven’t done anything is that it’s a political bombshell.”

There are bombshells, and then there are bombshells. Sometimes it takes a fast moving disaster to make people notice a slower moving one that’s equally devastating but harder to pin on any specific King, Congress or Agency. (Opinion)

It’s an ill wind, the bard shrewdly observed, that blows no good.

Seems what’s her name, ex-queen of the US is now a US Senator, thinks a good witch-hunt for those RESPONSIBLE for this hurricane event need to be hunted down and burned. No real surprises there. (Opinion) 

Poor old Chaos might be in for a tongue-lashing from her ladyship.

Meanwhile, seems they’re anticipating the need for $1.5 billion (deficit-bucks) to rebuild roads where the houri cane hit. But that point might be moot because gasoline’s gonna be so expensive nobody’s going to be able to afford to drive, and the places they might want to drive to will probably still be under water.

At least we can hope so. This issue of what to rebuild, where to rebuild it and how to rebuild it is a matter we need to pause a while to consider. (Opinion)

The Chinese are having to do some re-tooling of their magnet-flag ribbon industry. They thought they had it covered, yellow ones, blue ones, pink ones, red-white-and-blue ones. But now there’s black ones for the hurricane victims, which naturally caught the CHICOMs in their factories unawares.

We can probably trust that American know-how and ingenuity will fill the need until the CHICOMs can crank back up and get a few shiploads to us. Meanwhile, we’ll probably need to pay higher prices and put up with a critical shortage.

The refugees are pouring into New Mexico. 6000 expected soon for Farmington, Roswell and Clovis, and Albuquerque. Conspicuously missing are Las Cruces and Santa Fe, but those are towns with a lot of rich folks and tourists who probably don’t want the scenery cluttered up with New Orleans victims causing no end of unpleasant reminders that everyone doesn’t have a house to sell so’s to make enough money to buy one here.

Texas has taken the full brunt of this tidal wave of refugees with a quarter million and more coming. New Mexico’s got a thousand already, committed to 6000 but will probably have more.

But one of the other bloggers observed recently that we’re one country and always will be. That those refugees and victims are like family. So, how are the other States, the other parts of this one country that we are and will always be, coming along with accepting refugees?

Arkansas is getting them, Mississippi’s handling a lot, and Florida. Then there’s West Virginia, Utah, Oklahoma, Michigan, Iowa, New York and Pennsylvania pledged to take some. Most likely some of those other States will come in if it turns out everyone else can’t handle it.

Haven’t seen where any of the tribes are doing anything much, though there are some nice resorts attached to the casinos.

Other news. Seems the State’s considering cracking down on those high-speed Police chases that are so bad about killing people they were chasing, unsuspecting drivers of other automobiles on the road, and pedestrians. Too bad. Some carload 17 year olds comes to a ‘rolling stop’ at a stop sign, prowl car parked back somewhere with his lights off wipes the sleep out of his eyes, and the race is on at 100 miles an hour through city streets. Good way to get the juices flowing again after a little nap.

But I expect they might put a stop to it, make them just get their thrills just watching old Gene Hackman movies.

Ahhhh…. Only mildly related. Looks as though they’re contemplating mandatory jail time for DWI convictions, confiscating the automobiles to add to the police fleet (summarily upon arrest) and a few other measures to hopefully curb the New Mexico dark secret of being number one nationwide in drunken driver deaths.


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