An honest, workable solution with a future

Jack wrote this in September, 2005. More about Hurricane Katrina.

An honest, workable solution with a future:

Those people are going to be a long time without homes, without jobs, without incomes.

What can we as a nation do to help?

You might think I’m being sarcastic, but I’m not. This can really be done:

1)  Vacate Fort Hood, Texas, Fort Sill Oklahoma, Fort Wachuka, AZ, Abilene Air Force Base, Abilene, Texas..

2)  Create a new tribe of Native Americans. Issue tribal census numbers to all the refugees and deed them each a residence and a few acres of land on the new Coonahss Reservations.

3)  Send them checks every month, let them have free health care from the US Public Health Service, same as other tribes.

4)  Assist them in building tribal casinos, but make it plain that THIS time the money has to go exclusively to the tribe, has to be used for the betterment of the individuals of the Coonahss tribe.

5)  Bring Bourbon Street, brick by brick to the new Reservation and allow them to use their own labors to rebuild it there as part of the new Coonahss Casino resort complex.

6)  Ship in truckloads of farm surplus that’s going to waste in grain elevators, or being shipped to other countries, so they can cook for themselves.

This is a plan that will work, blog readers. It’s a means of providing income, health care, homes to all those refugees at a minimal cost in deficit tax dollars.

All Americans have to do to see this happen is move a lot of troops to other military compounds and open their minds and imaginations to look for innovation as a solution.

But make no mistake about it.

These people are natives to America, mostly. They were born here, their ancestors were born here. They are certainly as deserving of a chance at a new life, a new start and any Native American born since 1900. They deserve the same rights and privileges derived from having been the victims of misfortune.


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