Pre- or post-disaster road observations

Jack wrote this after the previously-mentioned Mexico trip, Sept. 2005:

Gasoline:  $2.97, Albuquerque.  $3.09, Deming.

Traffic:  Truck traffic light.  Lots of deadheads moving, other traffic mostly tankers, UPS, FEDEX, Walmart.  Automotive traffic relatively light also, except lots of brand spanking new government vehicles on the road.  Lots.  New.

Roadkill:  Not much.  Three fresh coyotes and a badger, one mangled skunk and a mangled rabbit.  Number of coyotes high, especially with such light traffic.  Probably an epizootic, probably rabies or other distemper in the coyote population.

Behind the visor in the rental car:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mvc-439f-1.jpg

Short people who ride in automobiles might want to keep this in mind.

Overheard in La Cochina Restaurant, TorC:

Middle aged waitress to younger waitress on smoke break talking about hurricane victim refugees:

“It’s sad when people don’t use any common sense and end up costing the rest of us so much money.”

Gas Station between Deming and Columbus:

Old guy about my age, eccentric looking with underside of hat brim painted black to keep out the sun glare, face furniture’s a handlebar about like mine.  He’s driving a recent, small Toyota, bragging he got 400 miles on 8 gallons.  Says on flat highway driving he’s gotten 78 miles to the gallon a couple of times.  Says he doesn’t care how high they go with gasoline prices.

That’s about all for the moment, folks.


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