An Apology

Jack wrote this the day following the previous entry, Sept. 2005:

I owe you blog readers an apology for the last blog entry.  It was inexcusable, and I’m sorry.

That blog entry was a symptom of a pent-up fury I thought I had successfully obliterated.

I sincerely apologize.

For many years I’ve watched the deserts of western New Mexico and eastern Arizona ripped to shreds by strip mines for coal fired power plants to supply energy to satisfy the needs of Phoenix, Tucson, El Paso, and elsewhere on the grid.

They’ve torn up a piece of country dear to my heart, and the people who are responsible, city residents, haven’t any idea what’s being sacrificed for their hair dryers and air conditioners.  They wouldn’t care, if they knew.

It’s just empty country anyway.

I suppose what bothers me most is that the same people who find nothing objectionable about making molehills out of my desert mountains to serve their energy needs are so often frenzied in their objections to nuclear power plants near them, or anywhere.  They fear the cost of their energy indulgence might fall on their own heads.

But I’ve intended this as an apology, and I’m trying.  But now I feel my gorge rising again.

So, I’ll quit with my original statement.  I’m sorry.


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