Jack’s blog introduction, 2006

Jack wrote this in February, 2006, to introduce himself in a new blog:

Hello blogsters:

Just beginning this thing, so this qualifies as a test.  Only a test.

If this were actually an emergency alert you should turn your radio dial to 640, or 1240 to the National Emergency Broadcasting System and listen for further instructions.

But this is only a test.  (Which is a plus, since the National Emergency Broadcasting System and CONELRAD appears to have gone belly-up sometime during the past 40 years).

So this will have to do.


Okay.  That stuff posted.  The test?  If my memory serves me correctly I never scored higher than C- on any test.  I haven’t seen the scores on this one, but I’ll confess I didn’t study for it, so prospects don’t look good.

Fact is, I’ve been out of school several decades too long to care, much.

I’m more interested in psychic surgery, at the moment, than I am tests.  Psychic surgery, some specific aspects of southwestern US history, a wide range of metaphysical avenues including energy conversion, dowsing, Reiki, ‘thrust dowsing’, and nailing down a Unified Random Numbers Behavior Theory.

Fairly humdrum stuff, I think you’ll have to agree.

But this ain’t likely to bore you, because there’s about a zero-to-none chance anyone will ever read it anyway, what with tens of thousands of blogs starting every fraction of a second.  Thank goodness.

So there.

One more thing to add to my affirmations of gratitude.  I don’t have to search for those, but when one jumps out of the sky, as this one has, and lands spang on my dinner plate, trust me.  I’m going to jump on it like ugly on a monkey.

That about covers it for my self introduction to non-readers.



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