Ask Old Jules: Mind-boggling revelation, Truth of government conspiracies, Rich girl/smart girl, Three things to make life better

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Old Jules, have you experienced any mind-boggling revelations yet?

This recent discovery by NASA that the tops of thunderstorms sometimes create/release beams of anti-matter [… ] might possibly finally explain something I’ve wondered about almost all my life: Outside the town I grew up near in the 1950s a man working in his cultivated field spontaneously combusted before witnesses also working in the field. Naturally not much time passed before it was declared not to have happened because it couldn’t happen. Same as a number of similar incidents over the decades. Once the traditional residue of it not being able to happen wears away maybe someone will figure out it can happen, whether that’s the explanation, or something else NASA hasn’t discovered yet.

Old Jules, has any government conspiracy ever been proved true?

A US president resigned because of the ‘minor’ Watergate conspiracy, and a lot of high-ranking officials went to prison. Andrew Jackson never denied his conspiracy and intent to take Texas into the US, despite treaty and personal assurances to Mexico it wouldn’t happen. It finally happened the last day of his administration. The result was the Mexican War and eventually the US owning the SW [now] states of the US. The Zimmerman Telegram, which was instrumental high profile in getting us into WWI was proven conclusively in the 1960s when the information was declassified that it was a piece of the conspiracy between Britain and the US government to draw us in. The government also conspired to misinform the public of the nature of the Lusitania, the fact it was an armed merchantman, as opposed to an unarmed passenger liner when it was attacked by the German Navy. Roosevelt and Churchill conspired to bring the US into the WWII by the ‘secret war’, which was secret to noone except the US public, and the intent of cutting off Japanese oil at Singapore in August 1943. Lyndon Johnson eventually admitted the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a US government conspiracy and complete fabrication intended to insert more US troops into Vietnam and increase US involvement. JFK and Johnson conspired to assassinate President Diem of Vietnam, Johnson admitted to it Is this enough? There are plenty of others, but probably not enough to spoil your complacency.

Old Jules, would you rather date a rich girl (for her money) a smart girl (for her brilliance)?

Rich girls still exist in the 21st Century. If I was determined to date one of the two I’d be forced to choose the rich one by the process of elimination.

Old Jules, what three things would make your life better, or make you happier?

Attitude adjustment: 1] Lowering your common denominator for what you believe is the minimum required to allow you to be happy. Example: When this cold front hit a lot of things went awry. My refrigerator went out in a way that resulted in all the lights dimming when it came on. Might have caused the capacitor/starter for the well pump to go out, but I can’t tell yet because the pipes are frozen. So I’ve been several days without water and refrigeration. Hauled water down from the neighbor place for the cats and chickens, but lost all the stored up frozen stuff from my garden and everything in the fridge. Meanwhile, the cabin is staying around 40-50 degrees F. This would probably have made a lot of people unhappy, and I’ll confess frustration has almost intruded a time or two, but I’ve remained reasonably content. My expectations aren’t high anyway, and while all this is a setback, I still have a place to live, blankets, animals I love, a life I love. Now, however, ecstacy: The neighbor went to town today and I was able to go up and wash the clothes I’ve been wearing 18 layers of for a week, shower, and wash my dirty dishes. Absolute heaven. Then I lounged around their place in front of the fireplace, let my hair dry and the washer/dryer finish, took a nap on their couch. Revelled in being warm. Tonight I still feel the residue. Now, all that happiness wouldn’t be possible if I required a lot more to allow me to be content, or happy. You asked for three, and there are more, but I’ll save them for another time.

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