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McCarthy RIP

Jack wrote this December 13, 2005:

Old Eugene’s passed over to the other side.  Could have put a stop to the Vietnam War back in ’68 if the country’d had the ability to see into a few years of future.  He was the reason Johnson resigned from the ’68 presidential campaign.

Nope, we ain’t talking Charlie McCarthy, the guy modern politicans and most politically sophisticated and involved Americans do their best to imitate.  The prototype for radio talk show hosts.  He died some while back when his buddy Edgar Bergan died.

Nope, we ain’t talking Joseph “Tailgunner Joe” McCarthy, who headed the House UnAmerican activities committee and started the Commie Behind Every Tree fad that led us into Vietnam, Bay of Pigs, you name it.  Not him.

No, we ain’t talking Douglas MacArthur here.  He’s been out of the biz for a while.  Never was heard much of after Harry Truman fired him over his determination to lay a radioactive cobalt belt a thousand miles wide across Manchuria to keep invaders from getting into North Korea unless they came from the south, as Japan did in the past.

Just old Eugene McCarthy.  A politico who never got to be a hero prez.  Wrong attitude.  He didn’t want to get us into any wars, or keep us in them.  He wanted to get us out of one before we lost a lot more men.