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Lotteries, horoscopes and tattoos

Jack wrote this in December, 2005:

Who’d ‘a thunk it, innocent blogsters:

I just read a thread saying those were the most searched for words on AOL.  Plus it provided other words also heavy into the search engine league.

So let’s get some action here.

I don’t know what Sudoku is, but it sounds vaguely Nipponese.  Might well be something good to eat, raw fish with spikes all over it and poisonous unless carefully prepared, but delicious.

Noticed how RINGTONES have changed over the years?  Used to be they were mostly gold, silver, platinum, brass, copper, iron, usual stuff.  Now they’re all manner of other colors and shades.  Plus they have a different sound.  People are searching for rings with different sounds.  Colors.  Make sense?  No.

IRS and jokes are up there high, neighbors in the search game living next door to one another, which seems appropriate.  Those AOL searchers first go to the IRS site and provide themselves with a downer and a shot of Jack Daniels Black.  Then they ponder whether to shoot themselves and decide what they need is a good joke, instead, for an upper.

American Idol, hairstyles and NASCAR.

Whew.  Nice combo.  I’m trying to visualize the hairstyle a person would put on an American Idol…. coming up with something between an Elvis ducktail and a Jimi Hendrix Afro… but neither of those is likely to blow in the wind the way it should speeding around a track hitting stuff wheels flying balls of fire and explosions of gasoline cheering crowds.  I’m not sure how all that fits together.

I’m running out of steam running out trotlines for AOL searchers, but I’m safe.  Fact is, Lottery…. yeah, lottery is right up there among the most searched for words.  And Lottery Post is the most searched for combination of words those smart AOL types are after.  That and gas prices.

Lotteries, hairstyles and tattoos.

Boggles the mind, knowing what Americans are looking for on the internet.

And this blog’s what they’re gonna find instead.

Better.  Far better.