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Ask Old Jules: Bad genes, Tolerance of the religious, Looking in the mirror, Nature of happiness

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Old Jules, what are your favorite words?

Spontaneity has a nice ring to it

Old Jules, are all the mistakes, vices, injustices and sufferings of the world due to bad genes?

Human beings are just human beings. Same as they’ve always been. They don’t know how to be anything different. Don’t expect anything more from them and you won’t be in for a letdown.

Old Jules, how can I be more tolerant of religious people?

What they believe [or anyone else believes] isn’t your affair. Unless they ask what you think or get in your face leave them the hell alone. It isn’t your business. Learning what isn’t your business is how you learn to be tolerant.

Old Jules, how often do you look into the mirror?

Once every week or two. When I’m going to town I try to remember to look in the mirror to see how badly my whiskers have built up so’s to decide whether to shave before meeting my admiring public.

Old Jules, is happiness a blessing or a conquest?

Both. If a person can say to himself/herself in all candor and honesty, “If I were someone else I’d envy me my life and what I am,” the person is probably both happy and has conquered a piece of what needs conquering in life. And frankly, if I had to be someone else I’d be gawdawful jealous of me.