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Thriving in the US Circa 2006

Jack wrote this in August, 2006:

How to stay out of trouble in the USAcquainting yourself with behaviors to avoid:

Study the Mormon religion.

  • You don’t have to adopt the spiritual tenets of that religion, but if you understand everything the religion forbids and don’t do anything forbidden by it you can depend on staying out of jail and living through your life as a healthier person than you’d have been if you hadn’t done so.
  • However, you’d be well advised not to actually become a Mormon. Although it hasn’t happened in recent times, Mormons have a long history of being persecuted, threatened, having their property destroyed and confiscated, being beaten, raped, murdered and generally hated by Christians.
  • Getting yourself too closely associated with the Church of the Latter Day Saints is the opposite of ‘prudent’ behavior.  Also, just to be on the safe side, stay away from Jews and blacks, too.


So the second avoidance behavior to adopt toward living a healthy, free life:

Do nothing to get crosswise with Christians.

  • This will probably require you to adopt some behaviors you mightn’t have chosen for yourself, but it will help assure you remain free within the context of what’s left of freedom once all that other is removed.
  • Support the political party that’s currently in power and call it patriotism.
  • Wear a red white and blue tee-shirt so other Americans will know you’re one, also.
  • Keep track of the daily news. Know who the enemies of your country (the political party in power) are, and be vocal in your hatred of those enemies. Even (especially) if the enemies of the State happen to be citizens of this nation. If you know such people, isolate yourself from them.
  • Denounce them to the authorities.  Spy on them and watch for any evidence they might be potential terrorists, drug lords, or online gamblers.

Generally speaking, the behaviors I’ve described worked well in Nazi Germany, the USSR, Post-Shaw Iran, Iraq under the late-dictator, Red China, North Korea, and other countries of like mind.

They ought to serve you well here, no matter how bad things get, so long as the leaders aren’t from Cambodia.