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Ask Old Jules: Dating, Responsible humans, Idiots, Charitable foundations, Separation from natural instincts


Old Jules, what’s it like going on a date with somebody who gives you insane butterflies?

It’s like crawling underneath a house because you smell something dead under there and when you get near it hearing a rattlesnake somewhere above where your feet are. Evidently on one of the floor joists between you and the opening you came through.

Old Jules, do you believe human beings will never ever take full responsibility for their lives?

Responsible people take responsibility for their own lives. Irresponsible people don’t. In fact, people who don’t take responsibility for their own lives usually become absorbed in what the people around them do so’s to distract themselves from what’s wrong in their own lives they ought to be taking responsibility for.

Old Jules, how do you convince an idiot that he is an idiot?

One of the possibilities is that, of the two of you, he’s not the idiot.

Old Jules, if you could set up a charitable foundation, who would it benefit?

I’d lean to something to provide food and shelter for people living in dumpsters and under bridges. But if there was plenty for that as well as for a non-profit research foundation I’d fund a lot of research into areas the science parrots have declared impossible and unworthy of examination.

Old Jules, do you think people are too separated from natural instinct?

I think probably a lot of merit in what you’ve said, but not necessarily on the parts you’ve focused on. Seems to me a lot of the disfranchisement today might be a product of people going their entire lives never having witnessed anything they consumed as a meal while it was a live. Not once knew what was the color of the hair on an animal they ate. Never planted, nurtured and harvested a single food item that made part of any meal. This is something fairly recent in human history and runs contrary to the entire body of human experience except in the cases of royalty and aristocracy. Hardly a wonder so many people are so lost, even with that tiny piece of what they experience in life. Hardly a wonder their priorities are wokkyjawed and they don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing with themselves.