Daily Archives: July 13, 2022

New Computer

Jack wrote this in September, 2006:

I’m a good old rebel

And that’s just what I am.

For what you’re calling freedom

I just don’t give a damn.

We lost the war for freedom

And maybe it’s all done,

But I don’t want no pardon

For anything I’ve done.

Evening blogsters:

Not to be outdone by RickG., and Excalibur, I dug around in the boxes and closets, finally brought out a 1995 vintage IBM Aptiva with Windows 95 on it.  I decided because of RickG’s problems with getting his comp corrupted by Internet travels that I wanted a machine dedicated strictly to work on the numbers theory, but which won’t ever plug into a phone line.

I found everything, I should have said, but the various cables and power cords to attach it to itself and the wall outlet.

I’ve got Office 97, and I’m feeling the need to figure out MS Access so’s to be able to chase draw histories and draw dates, keeping them intact while I combine them with moon phases, moonrise/moonset, percentages of lunar illumination, and the east/west tracks of various celestial bodies on the days of the draws.

This old comp that thinks it belongs to a community of computers and needs to feast on cookies, email messages, spyware et al, just hasn’t got enough moxie in the hard drive to have room left for numbers work without crashing all the time.

So I’m going to time travel with my numbers back to a time when men were men and women were glad of it.  A simple time when Americans were an honest, courageous, non-computer literate agrarian folk who hadn’t yet gotten as many piercings as they wanted and the tattoos all said, “Mom”.  (Except the one belonging to Little Egypt, “She had a picture of a cowboy tattooed on her spine saying, ‘Phoenix, Arizona, 1949′”.)

No more of this brave new world of the 21st Century for the Unified Random Numbers Theory.  That way, if this one I’m typing on loses radio contact and vanishes from the radar screen I won’t lose everything I’ve done up until now.