Daily Archives: July 18, 2022

Think about it

Jack wrote this in September, 2006:

It’s neither right, nor proper to take over Mike’s blog for today for a fight I could allow to become ugly.

So I’m going to say this here on my own blog as a continuation of my comments there:

Going to war with a religion is a tough gig and it needs careful thought on the part of anyone contemplating it.

  • Hitler didn’t even manage to kill all the Jews in his own country.  There were some left in the aftermath who felt an inclination to get damned ugly about what he did.
  • The Red Chinese have never even managed to wipe out entirely a tiny religion held by the Tibetans.
  • The Romans, the Spanish, the Russians, the Germans, the Holy Roman Empire have conducted the longest protracted war against a religion in the history of humanity, against Jews, and failed to wipe them out.
  • The US did everything it could think of to wipe out Mormons, but they escaped.  Look at them now.
  • If you think about it, consider the efforts made by the Romans to nip Christianity in the bud.  Consider the miserable, abysmal failure of their efforts.  Consider the mass murders the early Christians applied to all those Roman pagans they could catch during the revenge-stage of Christian power.  Read Eusebius.

If you believe you can conduct a war against Radical Islam you, or your children won’t one day regret, think again.