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Dangerous and Radical Live and Let-Livism

Jack wrote this in September, 2006:

I think we need to start a new political party:
Dangerous and Radical Live-And-Let-Livism
Every state disavows the current US Constitution and withdraws peacefully from the United States
Every state re-adopts the US Constitution with the following change in the
This time we mean it!
Move the US seat of government to Lincoln, Nebraska
Limit the term of office for all Federal office holders, including the presidents and Federal judges,  to a single term of two years.
Criminalize as treason violations of oaths to uphold the US Constitution and what it says.
Comment by justexploring-
The problem is that those who are elected to uphold it are usually the ones who are not.

Thanks for the read and the comment. You’re definitely correct.
But it seems to me the reason’s up for grabs. Might be they elect them and keep on electing them because nothing’s offered as a third alternative. They’ve been trained to believe if it ain’t Demo, and it ain’t Republican, it ain’t in the running.

But third parties occasionally spring up and do fairly well. Teddy Roosevelt ran on the Bull Moose ticket once. George Wallace gave HumphreyDumphrey and Tricky Dixon a run for the money in, what? ’68?

Richard Head, Texas bullionaire, I think ought to have been his name, though it wasn’t, ran against two other somebody-or-others who should have been also named that also in the ’90s and caused a stir.

Men used to be accused of thinking with their cojones, with some justice in the accusation. Nowadays both men and women could be accused of thinking with their television sets, probably with equal justification.

But it mightn’t be as bad as appearances.