Book Project Finished! post from Jeanne

I’m pleased to say that I’ve finished the project to put all these blog posts in paperback book form. As I’ve said before, these are available on, here’s a link or you can just search for Jack Purcell on the website.

My apologies for the poor quality of this one photo, but the lighting in my apartment is really bad. You can see the covers better on the link.

Also, I have to apologize for the book pricing. Lulu sets their production price based on number of pages, design, etc. and then it’s up to me to choose that price or increase it for further profit, so I kept it close to their minimum each time. The only good way to get a discount (unless you live in the KC area and want to have me order you one personally) is to get on their email list and wait for their discount prices to show up. At the moment there’s a 10% off promotion, and they frequently have 15% off.
The last book covers more years and is around 300 pages. It also includes pages of recipes that Jack made up while he was on the no/low-sodium diet as well as the tribute I wrote on this blog when he died.

There’s an additional book listed on his Lulu page at the moment that is unrelated to our projects, so I’m working with Lulu to remove that one book. It’s by someone else entirely.

As I’ve mentioned before, this blog will continue with older posts not previously posted on this site until around the end of December. I will also be including some letters and older writing from time to time. (Those aren’t in the published books). I have one audio recording coming up and might post more of those later this fall. At the end of the year I’ll re-post about ordering the books and then leave the blog in place in case I have future projects to tell you about. I have ideas, but due to some travel plans, I won’t be working on those this fall.

If anyone has any interest in using, feel free to contact me if you want to discuss how it works ( I’ve learned a huge amount going through this process, and while these books aren’t 100% perfect in every way, they are good enough for me to be proud of the results!

Thanks for being loyal readers,



One response to “Book Project Finished! post from Jeanne

  1. Thanks for doing this, Jeanne. it’s admirable. Cheers

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