About Affirmations

Jack wrote this on a thread on the lottery players’ site in June, 2005:

Anytime I begin talking much about affirmations I’m in danger of becoming a bit preachy, so I don’t talk about them a lot.  For me, my most valuable affirmations are ones of gratitude, which I try to do as many times every day as I can remember during an idle moment.  I’m a complete believer that those have changed my life, reversed some fundamental, negative patterns of thinking… made my life a better place.  I’ve explained somewhere on the threads, or on my blog, how I use those.
But when I only have a moment I use the simplest one I’ve ever come up with:

I’m grateful for everything that’s ever happened to me;

I’m grateful for everything that’s happening to me now;

I’m grateful for everything that’s going to happen to me in the future.

If I find there’s any place I haven’t managed to make this true, I examine whatever the experience is and find ways I can be grateful for it.

I began doing forgiveness affirmations about a decade ago, forgiving everyone I could think of whom I believed had done me wrong in any way, wishing them the best, meaning it, starting with the ‘worst offenders’, eventually getting down to the guy who just shot me a finger in traffic.  Difficult job of work, but worth it.

For winning affirmations, I believe everything that happens to me in life is a win.  I do a sort of mantra on some events I’d like to see come into my life, such as understanding these communist lottery numbers, but it’s too simple and redundant to give a lot of words to, explaining.

In short, I see myself as the luckiest, most fortunate man who’s ever trod this planet.  Affirmations helped me to recognize it and know it’s true, why it’s true, and cause me to believe at a foundation level that there’s no person on earth who shouldn’t want to be me, whereas, I would absolutely refuse to be anyone else.

I was going to edit this in, but I was out on the porch sniffing the little treasure of a thunderstorm we plucked from the universe, but thinking about affirmations.  (I cautioned you I can go on and on about them).  Rather than beleaguer anyone with more of my own ramblings about affirmations, I thought I’d tell you about Richard Bach’s (Jonathan Livingston Seagull, et al) experiences with them, and the guy who did that comic strip about a guy with a talking dog and cat living with him.

Bach was a Silva Mind Control aficionado….. used affirmations to write just about every book he ever wrote…. went from being a barnstormer vet pilot to a best seller writer many times over… much of which he attributes to affirmations and other Silva methods.

The other guy, comic artist, was a nothing sort of fellow, going nowhere.  But he went into Silva and began practicing affirmations…. wrote down 50 times a day that he was going to produce a comic strip, the most popular comic strip in the business.

Which he did, along with a lot of other stuff I won’t belabor you with.

You don’t need Silva for affirmations.  I think it’s a great thing, but I’m not pushing it for anyone.  But I’ll shout about affirmations from the rooftops so long as I have a breath in me and there’s anyone out there who will pretend to listen.




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  1. And I’m thankful for Jack

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