Looking for metaphysics discussions

Jack wrote this in June, 2005. He was posting on a lottery discussion site and threw out some ideas to his readers about metaphysical approaches to understanding lottery number behavior.

Those of us who are ‘in’ to metaphysical ways of looking at reality tend to become fairly specialized, narrow as any country preacher in our approaches.  We no sooner discover there’s another side of things than we begin building fences around what we’ve discovered, laying rules for it, generally trying to keep it corralled.  Maybe it’s just so we can saddle break it with some confidence it won’t strike out for the tall timber dragging us along behind with a foot hung in a stirrup, bouncing across all manner of cactus and sharp rocks.

Fact is, there are a lot of metaphysical approaches to looking at the lottery numbers in new ways.  There are a lot of ways everyone can develop talents (I believe) most of us share, but don’t listen to.

One is Silva Mind Control, which I’ve mentioned various places.  It teaches techniques for doing things, and when you learn one you suddenly find you’ve opened doors into a lot of other places you never dreamed existed.  For those who are concerned that this gets over into some sort of sinning, it doesn’t.  Jose Silva developed it.  He was a devout Catholic, and after some jockeying for position, his methods were approved by the Catholic Church.  The various Silva method sites have some downloadable (free) CDs you can listen to, things to introduce you to ‘alpha’ state and give you an idea whether you’d like to pursue it further.  To be honest, it’s used mostly for healing, but it’s good for an entire spectrum of metaphysical activities, but with the hocus pocus removed.

Another source of training is the late Bevy Jaegger.  Bevy was a remote viewer extraordinaire…. spent her later years doing pro-bono remote viewing finding missing persons, etc.  But that was after she’d made her money doing precisely what you are attempting to do on this site.  You’ll probably have to do some digging, but I’m almost certain Bevy’s training tapes are still available somewhere on the web.

Some other approaches:

Dowsing.  There are several good dowsing mailing lists.  You might wish to subscribe to one and read what’s going on among modern dowsers when there aren’t a lot of wells that need digging.  Mostly healing, but it covers the waterfront all the way down to helping you find a lost pair of specs or which way to turn on this crossroads to get to the nearest petrol when the tanks sitting on empty.

Skrying:  That’s what Nostrdamas did.  It verges on getting into a different level of things, but if you don’t mind that, it’s new and interesting (maybe).

I sort of believe this thread is going to fall flat from lack of response.  But I thought it might be worthwhile to take a shot at it.

Anyone want to talk about metaphysical methods of trying to find the right numbers?  About spiritual/metaphysical healing?  About anything in this arena that involves methodology, as opposed to pronouncements?

That’s my cards on the table.  Feel free to call, raise, or just fold.



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