Ask Old Jules: Most worthy gift, Does the soul die, Favorite year, Open-minded/Closed-minded


Old Jules, what “gift” is most worthy of giving and receiving?

Giving the ability to recognize what an adventure life is if such a thing could be given and received. As nearly as I can tell it’s not among the alternatives human beings are capable of communicating to one another.

Old Jules, is it possible for your soul to die ?

They don’t actually die but politicians put theirs in a blind trust for the duration of their terms in office.

Old Jules, what was your favorite year of your life so far?

Probably 50 was best – 1992. I changed careers, moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, revved up my search for a particular lost gold mine, started spending a lot of time climbing and unclimbing mountains. They’ve all been good but that one might qualify as my favorite.

Old Jules, if you had to generalize Americans, how would you describe them?


Old Jules, can an open-minded person admit he is actually closed-minded?

Open mindedness is something some of us aspire to and it’s something we rarely achieve completely. A battle with the self for open-mindedness doesn’t get won, followed by a lifetime residing in a state of open-mindedness. It’s a discipline and the challenge to it is constant. What a person says about open mindedness in himself/herself doesn’t have anything to do with open-mindedness beginning the moment after it’s been said.

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