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Philosophy by Limerick – The Engineer

Devoted his life to the noise
Of civilization with poise.
Applied science, he called it.
Obstruction?  He mauled it
With money and tinker toys.

Old Jules

Confession Time

Confession #1: I’m in almost daily communication with the team of Toyota mechanical engineers who designed the 1991 Toyota 4-Runner and the Japanese Toyota assembly plant worker who tightened the starter-bolts on the one parked across the meadow jacked up and partly dissassembled.

Those men don’t need to have a command of the English language to be laughing and giving one another the high-five while saying:  “Hahaha you Yankee pig!  You’ll never get that starter off!   Hahahaha!  We nailed your young ass good!”

Although that bolt head is the ‘easy’ one, this American can’t get to it with any wrench yet invented for a straight-on shot.  The mechanical engineers made sure of that.  But the guy working in the assembly plant lacked sufficient confidence some can-do American wouldn’t come up with a way to put a wrench on it, so he torqued it down with a cheater-bar, thinks I. 

Trying to get it loose repeatedly already has the grim prospect looming that I’m going to round off that head.  If that happens I might as well take a cutting torch to the whole shebang and use it for a new chicken house.

The engineers did their job and the assembly-line worker did his.  Now where did I leave that right-angle cutter and 300 foot extension cord?

But they had a backup plan.  I’ve been talking about the easy one.  This one I can’t even get into a position to see, but I think that might be it, back where I have to stick the camera in to try to get a view of it.  I can’t think of a single way I’ll ever get a wrench anywhere near it.

Confession #2:  I am the stupidest person you’ll ever encounter writing a blog on the Internet.  The proof is enshrined here:  The Communist Toyota 4-Runner.  “But there it is.  Hot diggedy damn!”  “Easy!  Easy money!”  “Man, people pay good money to get to do a job as easy as this one’s going to be.”

*Old Jules

*Old enough to know better.