The Communist Toyota 4-Runner

The Got me a new truck! project doesn’t appear to be going anywhere fast enough to offer any near-future prospects for getting wheels under me.  Thursday morning meanderings,

I was out studying this problem again yesterday and this morning.

I’ve got a starter, but I hadn’t dared start the job because of a Catch 22.  At the time the 4Runner was my only transportation and even starting it by rolling it downhill was better than no transportation.  But once I got it blocked and it rolled forward a bit the blocks would be wedged in front of the wheels and I’d have no way to get them out.  My mind locked into this problem, so when the battery went dead and it rolled to the other side of the meadow without starting I didn’t back up in my thinking and realize it didn’t apply anymore.  I already didn’t have any transportation.

Believe it or not, that took me several months to figure out.  But I finally did, and studying the situation I decided if the new starter doesn’t repair the problem I can hook a cable to the back bumper and that telephone pole behind and use the 2-ton come-along to pull it back up with the battery fully charged.  The downhill roll from the telephone pole should turn it over enough to get it started.  Afterward I can try Plan B to decide what to do next, but with a truck that will work if I park it on a downhill grade.

As nearly as I could figure that wheel well is the only access to the starter.

I stuck the camera in there for a better look at how much of a Commie it planned to be.

Bigger than Dallas, a man can get to the heads of both bolts holding it on.  The Universe is kind to a man like me.

But first I needed to jack it up from a bumper so’s the brake disc wouldn’t be pushed up squeezing what little room I’d have to work. 

And I had to get that wheel off.  I’d forgotten why I always carry that wheel-puller in the truck.  The hubs are from an old Isuzu Trooper I used to own and they don’t make an exact fit.  When I torque down the lug nuts the wheel jams against the threads and it won’t come off without a lot of persuasion.

But there it is.  Hot diggedy damn!

Easy!  Easy money!

Man, people pay good money to get to do a job as easy as this one’s going to be.

And there it sits after I ran spang out of altitude, airspeed and fancy ideas.  My tools are up at Gale’s under the hood of my New Truck.

Sheeze.  I’ll have to bring them down next time I borrow Little Red.

Old Jules


10 responses to “The Communist Toyota 4-Runner

  1. I hate semi modern vehicles! The old 68 falcon I can work on no problem, but the 90 jeep Cherokee is a totally different story. I needed to add antifreeze and couldn’t find the drain cock. Searched online and it said to remove the grill. I did that and could see the drain, but couldn’t get to it to open it. Finally I took the top radiator hose off, pushed some plastic tubing down in the radiator tank and siphoned the water out. Looks like a mechanic will be doing any work on it.

    • Morning tffnguy. Thanks for stopping by. Those newer vehicles definitely have drawbacks. Took me a short forever to find out how to drain the radiator on the the 4Runner, too. No petcock, just a nylon threaded plug on the wrong side of the bottom of the radiator. Hope your Cherokee just goes on running and doesn’t need any repairs. But I hoped that for the Toyota, too. Gracias, Jules

  2. That’s the reason I hang on to this ’87 Bronco ll. I can get to everything I’m willing to work on these days and my mechanic doesn’t cringe when he sees me coming. It’s as close to an ‘A’ model as I can get in simplicity.

    • Oldfool: I appreciate your visit. Yeah, a Bronco was a good truck I always would have liked having and never did. Maybe not as good off-road as a Dodge Powerwagon, or as certain Japanese offroaders of the time, but a lot easier to work on and get parts for. Thanks for coming by. Jules

  3. It ,sure as hell, does not look simple to me!!!!
    But I am a woman.
    Anything goes wrong…I get out of the car and look helpess…have never had to change a tyre yet. 🙂

  4. Love the Andrews sisters. Hadn’t heard that song before. Thanks!

  5. I like knowing how to work on vehicles, not actually doing it.

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