Daily Archives: November 1, 2011

Dragon Morning

Soft rain of star noise 
Patters on dawn 
Tin roof 
He listens 
Half awake 
Slowly redefining 
This reality 
From the mist 
Of dreams 
Of spear point 
Of dragons slain 
Of noble quests 
And virtue 
Never owned 

Old Jules

Black Plague and Plague Crosses

About the time the light you see when you look for Orion and see Rigel was beginning its 800 year journey to rendezvous with your eye, these small lead crosses were being poured and carried as a protection against Black Plague:

These are found all over Europe, probably many from mass grave sites.  But during modern times they’ve become available to collectors.  Gale’s accumulated these over several years.

He uses them to make molds in his silversmithing work, casts modern, Sterling Silver plague crosses from them:

I planned to say a lot more on the subject of Black Plague, plague crosses and Gale’s silversmithing but my eyesight’s been giving me fits for the last few days and this screen’s mostly a blur this morning.

Maybe some future post.

Old Jules