Why the Jews used to be God’s Chosen People but aren’t any more

Hi Readers.   Thanks for coming by for a read.

After we prayed Old Sol up this morning I was explaining to the cats about how and why God picked the Jews for his Chosen People and didn’t give a hoot in hell for any of the rest of humanity.

He did it out of hunger, I explained patiently.  God looked around and, while nobody down there was any great shakes, there were a lot of them.  Trying to make human beings as a species Chosen instead of a single pocket of them was just not worth the effort.  The Jews would do okay for a while until something else came along.

Things began to look up after 1492, and after 1776, God could see he finally had some worthwhile raw material to work with down there on earth.  And the more He looked at the situation the better He liked it.

Today God couldn’t care less about any Jews besides the ones living in America.  He’s completely indifferent about Roman Catholics living all over the place except America.  Same with Zen Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims.  Same with Latter Day Saints, and the various Native American religions.  Americans are Gods Chosen People today.  All of them.  God cares more about an American atheist than He does about a Roman Pope, because at least that atheist is an American.  Chosen.

Just like before, when it was only Jews, God doesn’t give a hoot in hell about anyone else on the planet.

God loves American Jews, Muslims, Mormons, Christians, Taoists, you name it.  And He has perfectly good reasons for doing it, same as he had originally when he made regular Jews His Chosen People, and they blew it. 

The competition back then was just no great shakes.  It still isn’t.

If you don’t believe me look at all those shale oil deposits they’re suddenly finding under the United States every time they poke a hole in the ground.   If that doesn’t convince you look around a bit more.  Americans have Chinamen working three shifts to build their toasters.  They’ve got Japanese designing and manufacturing their cars instead of worrying about having two-headed offspring.  They’ve got Middle Easterners giving them excuses to keep a military establishment big enough to fight the USSR in the golden days of the Cold War.  They’ve got Israel keeping things stirred up so’s there’s no danger anyone much will survive what’s going to happen there.

If Americans aren’t God’s Chosen People why are they building that big fence on the US Border with Mexico?  Do you think all that starving and killing going on everywhere, say in South America and Africa happened by accident?  Hell no it didn’t.    You don’t see that kind of crap happening to God’s Chosen People.

God bless America.

Old Jules

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10 responses to “Why the Jews used to be God’s Chosen People but aren’t any more

  1. As much as you wish it to be so you are no different than the rest of the American narcissists or standing out from American Narcissism. It is not a God that chooses you after all humans created God and Religion. Your kind declared themselves the inheritors of the children of Israel as the chosen children of god, alas there is no such thing and the disciples of Jesus and Muhammad pretend to hold the only truth which they subverted from the Judaic framework. Therefore actual closeness is nothing but a figment of human imagination, and the mother of narcissism.
    But you took the cake philosophizing on what you know not!

  2. You make me laugh. I like your… logic, for want of a better word.

  3. Don’t know what made you laugh Trapper, or what you understood from my comment Jules and Trapper. The closeness is a metaphor to commitment to certain morality and ethics as a way of life which both Christianity and Islam subverted and bent to their advantage, and put to death all those who preferred not to join or preferred to change. That led to crusades, fascism, jihads, and auto-da-fe.

  4. I know Americans are God’s chosen people just from watching the television news. Why else would reporters repeatedly begins stories in a manner such as, “A 747 crashed today in Japan, injuring a vacationing Detroit retiree who was on the ground near the site of the accident when a dirt clod struck him in the lower leg. He was treated at the scene and suffered no ill effects, but we have interviews with him, his family and someone who went to kindergarten with him 60 years ago. Oh, and 350 non-Americans died in the flaming inferno that engulfed the crash scene.” We are obviously the most important people that have ever graced the Earth.

    • Cotton Boll: Just another manifestation of the obvious. Along with a dark message to the Chosen that if they roam around outside the Promised Land they can’t get immunity from the consequences. I appreciate you pointing out the fact the news media’s cooperating with God’s wishes. Gracias, J

      • You must be referring to some specific kind of Americans those who fit your image!

        • Hi leanpower. Thanks for coming by again. Actually I’m referring to God and the people He chooses to call Chosen. And why He chooses them. And how human beings can discern who is Chosen, and who isn’t Chosen. And how a person can rely on observable evidence to arrive at answers that make sense, rather than relying on ancient texts that don’t make any sense at all when they’re compared to plain, observable historical evidence regarding the preferences of God, as opposed to wishful thinking by people who hang onto the myth they’re still Chosen. That sort of thing. Thanks for the remarks. I hope this clears things up for you. J

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