Thumbing Rides on Throwaways

I’m a lucky man because I don’t have the money to go buy ready-rolls when it comes to getting done what needs doing. In this instance I needed a garden, but I didn’t want 86 deer, 23 wild hogs and a dozen chickens in there being Communists 24/7 messing up my diggings. But I also din’t want to have to be digging holes to support any fence I wanted to put the trouble into erecting. The layered limestone wasn’t in a mood to give up any ground in favor of having posts stuck in it.

This place has a lot of old pipe lying around wishing someone would find a use for it, so a few pieces of it became the mainstay for the structural side of the job. There were other things up behind the buildings around the owner’s workings pricking him in the conscience by not being used, as well.

A roll of 3-times used/3 times discarded chain link was also among them crying for a job after being out of work longer than a US factory worker after the guys the patriots love sent all their holdings off to be done in Mexico and China to manufacture and sell back to us.

The ‘frame’ includes two welded steel triangles used to support something long forgotten, a bit of galvanized discarded water pipe, and that’s about all besides one hell of a lot of tie-wire. Ah. There’s that gate frame gives it some support on this end. But it’s strong, self-supporting and didn’t need any violations of the sanctity of the limestone substrata to allow it to become respectable.

I lacked a couple of feet having enough chain link so I made up the difference with the refrigerator shelves wired together you see beside the gate.

The whole shebang is pulled inward against itself by wires stretched across crosswise, lengthwise and diagonally from the corners, but held back from collapsing inward by the horizontal pipes. Meanwhile the chain link keeps it from falling outward.

Meanwhile, I needed support for my tomato plants:

Two scrap illuminum storm doors and old goatwire served the need.

The only cost of this fence in dollars was a couple of rolls of tie wire.

One more bug scraped off the windshield of life.

White Trash Papa rides again.

HiiiiiOhhhhhhhh Silver! Awaaaaaay!

Old Jules

Marty Robbins – Little Green Valley

12 responses to “Thumbing Rides on Throwaways

  1. Good on you Jules! Are you sure that will keep those hogs outta there?

  2. What ever it takes to get er done is what I always say. Birds might be a problem with tomatoes though. I had to go to quarter inch mesh to keep them out pvc framed greenhouse in Plano.

  3. Morning amigo. Thanks for coming around. Glad to see you back into compurter land after being up there someplace else. Thus far it’s done all right with the wild hogs. Been a good many around to damage other things, but they haven’t bothered the fence.

    I had a rooster took to whupping the socks off The Great Speckled Bird I put in there a while and a coon got him eventually, which I didn’t mind. My better roosters that start picking on GSB live in a protected separate enclosure nowadays where they can’t endanger themselves.

  4. tffnguy: Morning to you. That garden was a heavy producer last year. This year it had to rely on rain, so it didn’t get far aside from some winter stuff. But the birds did attack some of the tomato last year, though they left plenty for me to throw over the fence to the chickens and still fill the freezer with the spillover.

    Thanks for the visit and comment.

  5. Got a tip for you to try to keep birds from eating your red tomatoes. Hang some ole red Xmas balls on the plants ,. They will figer out real quick that RED ain’t no good for eatin… 🙂

  6. Good suggestion Ben. Next year, if I’m still located here and have the well fixed I’m going to try that.


  7. That is my kind of construction much to my brides disgust.
    I found that eating rude roosters improves their manners somewhat.

  8. I like your fence and garden. In my humble opinion, it should be on the cover of “Better Homes and Gardens” instead of all that useless fancy stuff. I see you are also 68 years old, as am I. A good age to be, right?

    That huge wild hog that thought it ownded my place, could give your fence a good test. I think she could have picked up the front ot a car. She stood about 38″ tall and I have no idea how much she weighed. She finally drowned in what was left of my pond.

  9. Resourcefulness, recycling, reliance on oneself, and remembering Marty Robbins. There. I think I’ve used my quota of alliteration for the day, but nothing else would do. It’s good to reuse whenever we can. The world has enough stuff. Exceptions are made for notebooks.

    Does your header change, cause I swear I saw some Mimbres pottery last time I stopped by here.

  10. Morning Old Fool: Thanks for stopping in this morning. Womenfolks, I found in several of my pastlives, sometimes have no understanding for such things. At least not in times of affluence. But I suspect they’re better than us when times get hard. Gracias, J

    Dizzydick: I try to keep the numbers down here by helping them into whatever improvement will come to them in their next lifetimes. They multiply rapidly otherwise and when they do nothing made by man will keep them out.

    Thanks for the visit and read. I tips my hat to you being at the perfect age a person can be. Thankee. J

    Teresa Evangeline: Thanks for the read. Yep, the header pic flies around all over the place. It’s intended to confuse the French into thinking we’ve got a lot more ships out there guarding their harbors than we actually do. Hmmm. No. No, that was before. Now it’s to confuse the US Border Patrol and US Customs service into thinking I’m just an old guy who’s minding his own affairs and not worth beating the hell out of and emptying out my grocery bags to see whether I’m a terrorist or drug lord.
    I appreciate you. J

  11. Excellent, Excellent, and more excellent

    That is re-use at it’s finest

    Clapping out loud

  12. Hi Degringolade: Thanks for stopping by and for the read. Glad you enjoyed the post. J

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