The Home-Built Bedini Monopole Energizer

A number of you readers are experimenting with alternative energy sources.  I don’t have one of these assembled yet, though I’m gradually accumulating the pieces.

The group is composed of a lot of back-yard experimenters who are putting them together and testing, altering, testing, etc.  The group site has hundreds of helpful pictures of the work members are doing and how they’re doing it, what results they’re getting.

I’m not saying it will work, but the people working on them are continuing with it and expending a lot of energy communicating what they’re doing.  Evidently they’re devoted because what they’re seeing is sufficient to convince them it’s worth the effort.

I’m thinking a couple of you I’m aware of who read here might be interested in going over there for a looksee.

2 responses to “The Home-Built Bedini Monopole Energizer

  1. you never know until you try, right?

    have a quality day! (~_~)

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