Mocking Bird Trap

A mocking bird’s been terrorizing the cats and chickens for some while now.  It even swoops down on me and takes me by surprise sometimes.  I noticed Niaid lying upside down out there and thought she was dead.  Headed over there just as the mocking bird dived at her. 

When the mocker was pulling out of the dive she came alive and grabbed at it, got a paw full of feathers, but it got away.  Niaid resumed position and I ran for the camera.

Old Jules

11 responses to “Mocking Bird Trap

  1. Saw our ole farm cat do that same thing successfully on the farm. Dang bird would not leave her alone. She GOT IT!!!

  2. Animals never fail to amaze me with their problem solving innovations.

  3. I really enjoy your sense of humor and how you incorporate it into your images. I have subscribed to your page and am looking forward to seeing you grace my inbox. I really liked your piece about the orange jump suit 🙂 Stop in some time and drop me a line.

  4. Ha! Wish I could have seen that!!! Terrific.

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