Daily Archives: January 20, 2012

Clearing the fingertip pile

Good morning readers.  I’m grateful you came by.  Lots of important stuff bogging down my fingertips this morning and I doubt I’ll get it all in here.  But the sooner begun, the sooner left unfinished, I reckons.

First, Old Sol:   http://spaceweather.com/

I’m not going to insult you by offering an explanation for this.  Undoubtedly you know the explanation already.

Later this morning I’ve got an emergency meeting with the feline and poultry astrophysicists here to kick around whatever needs kicking around about it.

He took a cheap shot, not only at us, but at Mars.  But that ain’t the half of it.

“INCREASING SOLAR ACTIVITY CLEANS UP SAT-DEBRIS: Earth’s atmosphere has been puffing up in response to increasing levels of UV radiation from sunspots. This is good news for satellite operators, because a puffed up atmosphere helps clean up low-Earth orbit. “The number of cataloged debris in Earth orbit actually decreased during 2011,” reports Nick Johnson in NASA’s Orbital Debris Quarterly newsletter. “[The figure below] illustrates how the rate of debris reentries from the Fengyun-1C anti-satellite test of January 2007 increased during the past year.”  http://spaceweather.com/

 So, we’ve got two issues here.  First, Old Sol’s got the planet Earth [that’s US] all puffed up, which is to say, even though he might be too convoluted and subtle to come out in the open and say it, Earth has it figured out.  If Earth’s puffed up about it, we can be assured we should be puffed up about it too.

Secondly, he’s screwing around with our space debris, shamelessly knocking it out of orbit.  Which really has the people who put it up there in a ring-tailed tizzy.  Humanity spent a lot of money and effort getting that stuff up there.  Then, in one year, Old Sol takes it upon himself to knock-it-the-hell out of the sky.

This puts a serious burr under my saddle and it should put one under yours, as well.  Just who the hell does he think he is, anyway?  We’re not talking committee decision here.  We’re talking unilateral usurpation of the Rights of Man to stick garbage in orbit and keep it the hell there as long as it suits our fancy.

But this has gotten longish.  I’m going to have to get into the other fingertip pile stuff in another post.  Maybe later today, maybe not.

Old Jules