The Ruin Skull – A Long Day Ago

No one remembers anyone
Who remembers anyone
Who remembers
Why she died
But there she is
Wealthy woman young
Good teeth,
No slave.

Those killers
Didn’t kill the slaves
Took them away squat beneath
The loot the weight of
What they carried off
As they did before for her,
Before emancipation
To slave for someone else.

Arroyo cut through ruin
Showed her to the wind and sky
And me a thousand years
After noise and smoke
And screams
Stone hatchet broke the head
Flames brought down the roof
Around her,
Her and her kin
Charred corn
Still on cob
Beside her skull.

She died and partly burned
A long forgotten civil war
Between someone
And someone else
No one remembers
Over something
Neither wind nor sun
Nor these charred bones

Old Jules
Copyright©NineLives Press

10 responses to “The Ruin Skull – A Long Day Ago

  1. Cool picture! I like Texas.

  2. Painful, artful reminder that whatever the reasons for violence against one another, with the passage of time, we forget whatever the reasons but don’t seem to learn that whatever the reasons were or are, they were not and are not excuses…

    • Lindy Lee: It’s the inclusive ‘we’ trap, thinks I. I personally haven’t forgotten they aren’t excuses, but it seems certain some folks I don’t include myself in any ‘we’ with have forgotten, or have ignored it. Gracias, Jules

  3. this place is scared to me . even with it onslaught of the sight see-ing

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