Running the Obstacle Course – the F 350

Good morning readers. Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

Maybe I was too much like the guy in the picture above trying to find a vet to work on his dog.  I borrowed Little Red yesterday and drove into Harper to talk to the Real Mechanic I had in mind to work on the New Truck.

He seemed a nice enough guy, but when I explained what I had in mind, described the truck and the problem, he explained he didn’t care to have anything to do with it.

There’s another Real Mechanic in town, but I decided to back off and think about how to approach this a bit more rather than ask and have him say, ‘no’, too. 

The frustrating thing about it all is the fact I could get that truck running well enough to drive it into town myself if I could find photographs of the wiring on a running 1983 F350 with a similar engine.  I’d replace the wiring myself, then just take it in to get whatever else needs doing for an inspection sticker.

Today I’m posting a plea on Kerrville and Fredericksburg Freecycle groups for under-the-hood photos with the air cleaner removed from anyone owning a running truck of that vintage.  If that doesn’t turn up anything I’ll post on Kerrville Marketplace group offering whatever price it takes to get photos, I reckons.

Crazycrazycrazycrazy.  I honestly never anticipated a man in the bidness of fixing cars would refuse to fix one.  Guess the economy isn’t as bad as I’ve been hearing it is.

Maybe I need to find a vet.

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10 responses to “Running the Obstacle Course – the F 350

  1. Send me an email with the info on your truck , engine size, serial number if you can find it. year, etc etc.
    I got some resources I an check and “maybe” able to find you a wiring schematic for it.

    • Thanks Ben: I’ll get the info and fire it off to you. I’m obliged for anything you can provide along those lines. Gracias, J

    • Ben: Thanks again for your help on this. The Ford Enthusiast Forum site ttfng recommended quickly posted a wiring diagram for me shortly after I posted the question. I’m ready to rock and roll. Gracias amigo. Jules

  2. If you don’t mind joining a forum then you can probably get all the help you need here.

  3. I see you’ve got your answer, but I was going to suggest a Chilton Auto book for that make/model/year… They’ve always worked fo me. Some public libraries also carry them.

  4. Competent assistance is hard to find…

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