Learning How to Not Be So Stupid

Morning to you readers.  I’m obliged you came by for a read.

If I’m going to get anywhere in this life I think I’m going to have to learn how to not be so stupid. 

Yesterday I made that post about the F350 wiring, which I’d been fretting and gnashing my teeth about for months.  Ben offered to try to find me a wiring diagram, and tffnguy recommended a Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forum.  I felt fairly uppidy and hopeful, but not sky-high enthusiastic because I’ve learned the hard way to suppress my melodrama.

But I went to the Forum site and immediately remembered I’d been there before, several months ago.  The reason I remembered was the popup advertisement for Phoenix University that blocked the entire screen and came back as soon as I clicked the X, every time.  The site took forever to load on a dialup, too.  So I blew it off and spent the next few months twiddling my thumbs trying to find ways to fix the immediate problem.

But yesterday, because of tffnguy’s recommendation I fought my way through the esoterica, waited while things loaded, killed popups as though I could dress them out and have them for supper.  Registered, posted a question about the wiring, along with pics, and asked for any help anyone could offer.

In a matter of hours I had a reply and a wiring diagram.  Now I’m back where I could have been several months ago if I’d had the patience and determination to wait for that site to load and posted an identical request back then.

Gale’s fond of saying that during the 40-odd years we’ve been friends every mutual acquaintance, if asked to list my traits would have had, “If there’s an easy way and a hard way, he’ll pick the hard way and stay to the end.”

Maybe I’m beginning to understand what they were talking about.  If I can get that grapefruit out of my mouth I might try to sort it out and change it.

Old Jules


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12 responses to “Learning How to Not Be So Stupid

  1. That is a cool admission Mr Jules- you’re becoming an ol’ softie!

  2. If it’s any consolation to you, my father, (who was a more than capable engineer), always used to say of me that if there was a stupid, clumsy,awkward or just plain wrong way to do something I’d always be the one to find it. (You may have guessed that I did not go into engineering as a career). Having said that, at least I did hvae some kind of talent.

  3. Glad you found a wiring diagram. Now, print out a copy,several in fact cause your going to ruin a couple of them. And go attack that engine!! make notes as you go and DO NOT skip a step in the process of chasing out wires and connections.
    GITERDONE!!! 🙂

  4. Very pleased for you! Had my fingers crossed for a diagram but did NOT hold my breath. Good for you.

    Your long friendship with Gale is heartwarming too. Nothing like someone who really knows us to bring us down to light!

  5. Jules, you’re having a definite effect on my life. When faced with a conundrum I think, “What would Old Jules do?”, because the way you approach everything is a lot more interesting than how I run my life. Rock on!

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