Keeping the Sacrifices Hidden – Straw Men, Trojan Horses and Pick-Pockets

Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

I’ve been pondering this strange dearth of political bumper-stickers, which seems to me to be unprecedented for a year of national elections.  Particularly contests over who’s to be king.  Maybe it’s just the fact it doesn’t matter anymore.  The scrapings of US production so far gone what’s left isn’t worth stealing. 

But maybe there’s another factor at work.

One of the big let-downs of the post WWII era for kings, king-makers, wannabe kings and king-makers, war profiteers, and economic shell-game artists, was the citizenry.  They were stupid, but not as stupid as they needed to be to satisfy the hopes and expectations of those who needed their [preferably active, but at leat tacit] consent to be gang raped.

By the end of the Vietnam War it became obvious that, aside from a few mindless flag-wavers and a re-definition of the word ‘patriot’, most of the citizenry wouldn’t support long-duration undeclared wars, for instance.  Even when the body-bags only contained volunteers.  Even when the sacrifices were disguised in exponential growth of national debt.

Frustrating, tricky business.  Constantly having to dream up Wars on Poverty, Wars on Drugs, Wars on Terrorism to keep them from  noticing their pocketbooks and jobs were going away.  Convincing them  the reason was undocumented workers, non-Christian religious fanatics, and the folks who couldn’t find jobs.

Maybe there’s just a growing realization within the population that it’s already been robbed of everything of value, that it allowed itself to be surrounded with cops, mercenaries, a huge prison system, sophisticated weaponry, and personal debt it can never repay.

And not a single name they could put on a bumper sticker who isn’t a part of what did it, will continue doing it.

Maybe they’re finally just saying, “To hell with it.  They can kill me, but they can’t eat me.”  At least not until someone discovers a way for politicians, bankers, multi-national chief executives, and dynastic wealthy to live longer by ‘donated’ body parts of the citizenry as a means of collecting personal debts or paying off national ones.

Old Jules

19 responses to “Keeping the Sacrifices Hidden – Straw Men, Trojan Horses and Pick-Pockets

  1. Yeah, to hell with it. They’re all a bunch of nut-less liars. I hope they choke to death on my carcass. They’ll never be able to recycle my body parts for their own use, I’ve practically worn them out.

    • Morning elroyjones: Glad you came for a read. If there’s a lesson in all of it, it’s that ‘they’re’ pretty much all of us, or each of us, if the situation were reversed. Probably there are exceptions, but not enough so’s anyone would notice if the universe did a fruit-basket-turn-over and the powerless suddenly found themselves richer than 18 inches up a bull’s ass and running things. Gracias, J

  2. Or maybe politics has become so divisive people don’t want to display their preferences for fear of getting a negative reaction.

    Think about what it would have been like in the late 1850s if Americans had bumper stickers they could put on their buggies, or slap on the rumps of their horses. I’m betting “Lincoln’s the man” bumper stickers in Mississippi or Texas wouldn’t have been a welcome sight.

    Love reading your stuff!

  3. You’ve described our predicament so well, Old Jules. People are finally awakening from their consumption induced coma to the reality of their dependency and subjugation. I hope it is not already too late.

    • Morning Rosaliene: I reckons they’ve always been dependent and subjugated, overall. Occasionally they’ve awakened, but without lasting consequences except who’s subjugating whom. Gracias, J

  4. is that a bumper sticker.. they can kill me but they can’t eat me? and you are right where are all the stickers and little signs in people yards! c

    • ceciliag: I’ve never seen it on a bumper sticker. It’s a phrase people used to use when something was coming down the pike causing them to worry and gnaw their fingernails. An attempt to try shrugging it off, or appear to quit worrying about it. Gracias, J

  5. Sorry to say that with the way things are going, they will be eating us…soon. Remember the movie Soylent Green?

  6. I’m thinking the prolific use of violence probably created the dearth of bumper stickers. That’s how Hitler managed to have a Holocaust.

    • Hi Jane: It’s how a lot of people did more things than anyone can count nowadays. Queen Ranalovana of Madargascar comes to mind [killed off maybe 3-4 million of her countrymen], the Taiping rebellion in China [slaughtered more people than any single event within the boundaries of one nation in human history and more than any war in history until WWII. A person doesn’t have to look far to find such examples. Gracias, J

  7. I know you’re busy, and I wouldn’t want to put you out none, but if you get a chance, could you add a Tumbler button to the “More” icon? I know that WordPress makes it pretty easy (just checking a box), so if you have time, when you get to it, etc.

    Thanks for being there,

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