Loaded With Extras

I take the view the only really necessary parts on a vehicle are:

  1. Engine and drive train,
  2. wheels of some description
  3. Steering device
  4. Throttle
  5. Someplace to sit or stand.

This car is loaded with extra parts.  For instance, notice that hood with all the paint on it and the little hump.  That hump was caused sometime when something flew off the engine and instead of heading off somewhere the driver wouldn’t have to deal with it, bounced it back into the engine compartment.

Paint is a definite useless extra, and the hood doesn’t do anything except make it more difficult to get to the engine.  Same as that windshield.  Just something else to break.  If the car didn’t have a windshield it wouldn’t need windshield wipers forever wearing out.

Look at all that expensive, useless crap they hang on those cars.  Bumper.  Mirrors, lights.  Just more stuff to go wrong or get knocked off.  Something covering the radiator.

More useless paint, little signs hung all over the place, hubcaps.  Reflectors.

All that stuff on the tires to wear out.  If they’d just wrap the hubs with electrical tap they’d never go flat.  Or make them out of solid rubber so’s a person could wear them all the way down to the axles, or at least the hubs.

Look at all this junk!  Tail lights.  Some kind of weird handle across the trunk.  More little signs.  A back window.  A tail pipe!  A dadgummed tail pipe hanging out there to catch on rocks and deadfall trees.  But most of this extra stuff will take care of itself over time just getting in and out of here. 

Luckily, the brakes are fairly spongy so’s I won’t have to trouble myself with them long.  If I need to stop planned, I’ll just shut down the engine.  Or emergencies, put it into reverse, or parking gear.  Or run it into something heavy.

Old Jules

11 responses to “Loaded With Extras

  1. Sweet deal for 400 bucks!

  2. LOL funny, Old Jules. This reminds me of my husband’s philosophy about cars…should be able to get you from point A to point B. The rest is just gravy. His car is on life support. A coworker once told me that if we let our kids ride in his car that would be tantamount to child abuse. Ironically, it still passes inspection every year.

  3. Is this the new purchase? Quite a deal, the tires look nearly new. Will get you to town for a long time

    • Investigator: Thanks for the visit. Yep, this is the result of the automobile interference in my life the Coincidence Coordinators injected described in the previous entry. Tires are about half life left, I’d guess. Gracias, J

  4. Yep, I will agree; all of these EXTRAS, just junk. Nice car though, with all its extras. Think I’ll stick around awhile and read what else you have to say.

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  6. That’s funny… good post! It is a pain how hard it is to get to the engine and internal parts these days. It’s got a lot worse than it was with that car.

  7. The most useless waste of money on cars are all the little stickers telling you about the seat belt, airbags, where to put your kid etc. And they are bi-lingual!! In fact, forget the airbags and seat belt, too. And all that emissions stuff. Makes me crazy and makes the car expewnsive. If people are so worried about safety, why don’t they put a lead barrel on rubber wheels and strap themselves in. Most of us just want to drive!

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