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Clarification on Certainties, Self-Examination and BS

Re: Certainties, Self-Examination and BS, I was born in Dallas, November 19, 1943.  If I have family members still alive, and I most likely do, an overwhelming majority of them live in Texas.  My mom and dad were both born in Texas.  I lived roughly half my life in Texas.  I’ve written books on Texas history, still in print.  I’ve seen Texans inside Texas and outside Texas the great percentage of my life.

Some of my best friends are Texans, and [for God’s sakes] I’m a Texan.

As well as a veteran who volunteered for the US military at a time I thought we were going to war.

I am, or some of my best friends are, otherwise qualified for the stereotypes in the last post.

Some days I post entries I remember dozens of times throughout the day and laugh every time I remember them.  The previous post is one such.

I’m not asking anyone to laugh at my humor because I laugh at it.  I don’t even ask anyone not to be offended by it if they choose to. 

It honestly ain’t no big deal.  I got myself a good laugh, and if I enjoyed it more than you did it’s okay.

I’ll go and try to sin no more, maybe.

Old Jules

Certainties, Self-Examination and BS

Good morning readers. Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

If I hadn’t carefully avoided ever typing the words, “I’m dismantling Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle here,”  I’d find it easier to understand how a casual acquaintance could call this blog BS.  Anyone who’s certain Heisenberg’s correct usually has a conviction at a religious-level and genuflects muttering Hail Marys and Amens to the concept enough times per day to keep it fresh.  If I’d ever come right out and flatly stated it’s a fig-newton of the imagination I’d expect to be damned from hell to breakfast.

But I haven’t.

So I’m forced to conclude there must be something else I’ve posted here during the past year that a person considering himself prudent, reasonable, intelligent, could disagree with.  If I had time I’d scroll back over the entries and try to figure out what it could be.  Seems to me everything I’ve ever posted here is so patently obvious as to be absolutely outside the scope of rational argument.

For instance, I’ve frequently implied, but probably never come out and actually said I consider cops to be lowlife scum no better than the people they’re sworn to chase and catch.  Motivated by greed, lust for power, and cowardly, weak-kneed, vacuous need to find something inside themselves to rhyme with an ambiguous concept of self-worth.  Admittedly, it’s probably an over-generalization.  No doubt there are exceptions. 

Exceptions that prove the rule.

Same with politicians, rabid rabbit-frightened patriots, flag wavers, lawyers, CEOs of multi-national corporations, Texans, people with “WHOOPTEEDOO!  I’M A VETERAN” bumper stickers and mostly the rest of us.  Whomever we might be.

What’s not to like, what’s to disagree with in any of that?

But, of course, I’m a man with a weakness for brutal, honest self-examination, so I’m going to have to think more on all this.  Possibly scan over some past posts in an effort to find some slip I’ve made in my posts someone might be able to construe as BS.

Old Jules