Certainties, Self-Examination and BS

Good morning readers. Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

If I hadn’t carefully avoided ever typing the words, “I’m dismantling Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle here,”  I’d find it easier to understand how a casual acquaintance could call this blog BS.  Anyone who’s certain Heisenberg’s correct usually has a conviction at a religious-level and genuflects muttering Hail Marys and Amens to the concept enough times per day to keep it fresh.  If I’d ever come right out and flatly stated it’s a fig-newton of the imagination I’d expect to be damned from hell to breakfast.

But I haven’t.

So I’m forced to conclude there must be something else I’ve posted here during the past year that a person considering himself prudent, reasonable, intelligent, could disagree with.  If I had time I’d scroll back over the entries and try to figure out what it could be.  Seems to me everything I’ve ever posted here is so patently obvious as to be absolutely outside the scope of rational argument.

For instance, I’ve frequently implied, but probably never come out and actually said I consider cops to be lowlife scum no better than the people they’re sworn to chase and catch.  Motivated by greed, lust for power, and cowardly, weak-kneed, vacuous need to find something inside themselves to rhyme with an ambiguous concept of self-worth.  Admittedly, it’s probably an over-generalization.  No doubt there are exceptions. 

Exceptions that prove the rule.

Same with politicians, rabid rabbit-frightened patriots, flag wavers, lawyers, CEOs of multi-national corporations, Texans, people with “WHOOPTEEDOO!  I’M A VETERAN” bumper stickers and mostly the rest of us.  Whomever we might be.

What’s not to like, what’s to disagree with in any of that?

But, of course, I’m a man with a weakness for brutal, honest self-examination, so I’m going to have to think more on all this.  Possibly scan over some past posts in an effort to find some slip I’ve made in my posts someone might be able to construe as BS.

Old Jules

11 responses to “Certainties, Self-Examination and BS

  1. Do you really care that someone probably “[m]otivated by greed, lust for power, and cowardly, weak-kneed, vacuous” declared your blog as BS? I do not agree with everything you say (which is probably expected) and sometimes I may not fully understand you, but I continue to read your blog because of your unique way of expressing yourself and your equally unique humor.

    I agree with you about cops, even the part about exceptions (I’ve met a few, but they are damn few and far between.) I agree with you about “politicians, rabid rabbit-frightened patriots, flag wavers, lawyers, and CEOs of multi-national corporations,” but I am not sure about Texans because I do not know many of them. The most recently famous Texan (known as Dubya) supports your view of Texans, but I like the comedian Ron White. This does not present enough knowledge of Texans to refute your opinion, though. However, when I reached the part about “people with ‘WHOOPTEEDOO! I’M A VETERAN’ bumper stickers and mostly the rest of us,” I must capitulate on any argument about Texans.

    Certainly there are some things some people will misconstrue as BS, but it is not something most people find cause to make an issue about. Most people probably pop another Prozac and read on (smiling) because you have made it clear that you do NOT want to be King. Nevertheless, a reader whose concept of reality got blown out of the water by something you wrote might have such a reaction, and scanning your posts trying to figure that one out could be futile.

    Thanks for the reads, and I will be back for more!

  2. Thank you for the morning smiles 🙂 You are good. No BS.

  3. Afternoon Jules, There are two sides to every fence and if you are on the opposite of someone else they are likely to construe your point of view as BS. I agree with Steve on most of what he said, except about Texans as I have known a lot of them and find most to be exceptional neighbors and even friends. A few, as with any other group, I would have preferred not to have known.

    It is a beautiful day here and Praise The Lord for the rain the last few days. It ended the scorching heat and brought us cool nights, 60’s and low 70’s again. It will make me more work in the form or weeds. That is OK as my silly chicks that refuse to go to the hen house to roost survived the rains out in them. Wet feathers, but, cleaner. They wait every night against a fence for me to carry them to the HH and their roost.

    Thanks for the read. I, too, will be back for more, even when I sometimes disagree, or am not sure I get your meaning. Blessings.

  4. I have also been branded ‘Brutally Honest’ on a number of occasions and I now know that because of my honesty I have probably lost money, influence and opportunity. But when it comes down to it, I would much rather upset some jumped – up so called Super Star or CEO by telling it like I see it, than brown nose them just to get ahead. How do those people sleep at night?
    You keep right on saying like you see it my friend, when you get to our age you have a certain entitlement, and especially when you fought for your Country as well. Which I never did, not out of choice, there was just now where to fight when I was old enough to!
    Not sure if you believe in all the mysticism of Astrology Jules, I only believe it when it sounds like good news. If it’s bad news I call it Bunkum! :-0)
    However, I am a Sagittariun, and we are known for sometimes being tactless (Honest?) and pompous (rubbish me pompous with my talent and life skills…..never heard the like.
    Looking forward to your next post from across the pond.

    • Hi Mark. Thanks for the visit and thoughts. I don’t know anything about astrology to speak of. No clue here whether there’s anything to it, no clue whether there’d be any way to find out whether there is in a way I’d be satisfied was conclusive. Celestial mechanics combined with careful, precise, trustworthy secure data’s another matter. I’ve no argument with astrology one way or another though.

      The US didn’t decide to have a war after I decided to join. I just spent three years wearing green skin. When they did decide to have a war I was three years wiser and wanted nothing to do with it. Gracias, J

  5. You’re wise to live in the country in relative privacy. If you lived in closer proximity to people, you’d be swarmed by visitors just stopping by to hear what you had to say.

  6. Generally speaking you’re correct & generally speaking you’re incorrect.
    No thing’s 100%. Frustration wins out over conclusive evidence in this follower’s book of incomplete rules. How’s the Bachelor Rooster Containment Center doing?

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