Beggars in Uniform – US Military 2012

Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

I was walking around in the Dollar Tree Store [Everything’s a dollar or less] when the manager came on the intercom:

“Dollar Tree shoppers!  Don’t forget to pick up an item of school supplies for military dependents starting school in the fall.  Pencils, pens, tablets, erasers, any item related to school.  Dollar Tree will make sure it reaches the dependents of active military personnel.”

My hand stopped midway to a jar of Kosher dills.  “Eh?  My hearing’s really going to hell.  For a minute I thought she said something about donating school supplies to military kids.  Sheeze!”

But when she finished ringing up my purchases the cashier smiled and met my eye.  “Would you like to buy some pencils or a tablet for military dependents starting school?”

I went snake-eyes.  “You think I’m stupid for shopping here, don’t you?”  I slid my hat back exposing my forehead.  “Do I have a sign saying STUPUD tattooed up there?”

She tried to say something but I butted in.  “Got a program so’s I can buy schools supplies for kids of crack whores?  Kids of people in prison?  Likely they really need it.”

The lady blushed.  “They make us ask.  I didn’t do it.”

Here!”  I pulled a dollar bag of flour out of one of the sacks.  “Give them that if you can find one who knows how to cook something.  Otherwise give them shopping carts and point them to your dumpster.”

I’m sorry.”

“No problem.  I give food to beggars.  Not something they can sell or trade for drugs and whiskey.”

Soooo.  Evidently the military folks aren’t even giving their families money for school supplies these days.  Shouldn’t be long before their kids are darting out of alleyways surrounding people waiting at bus stops or traffic lights.  “You wanta buy watch?  Ring?  Skivvy pictures?

Learned it from mom and dad who learned it overseas.  Nice scam.

Back when they had the draft, conscripting people for $100 per month, wives and kids moving in with relatives, nobody thought of that one.  Now they’re all volunteers for undeclared presidential wars, helping bankrupt the federal budget with their salaries and benefits, they’re panhandling.  Trying to mooch off hamburger flippers and other minimum-wage-earners scrimping by shopping at Dollar Tree. 

Old Jules

14 responses to “Beggars in Uniform – US Military 2012

  1. Being from a family with lots of veterans, I answered her with, “Oh, we are veterans, and we do make enough to support our children. What veteran group is getting these supplies? I would like to know since there are other truly registered veteran organizations that would gladly GIVE to any need dependents of veterans?.

    • Investigator: Everyone’s pretty much a veteran of something. Maybe they’re all taking care of one another and I just haven’t noticed. Gracias, J

  2. People with guns first ask nicely, then take what they want or as Machiavelli puts it: “The unarmed rich man is the prize of the poor soldier.”

    It wont be long before the military vote is the only vote worth counting, then they will have the best schools in the country and special shops reserved for them (just like US military bases overseas).

    Read my post: None but the battle-hardened deserves the menial! to see how the British use their soldiers, I bet Cromwell is turning in his grave right now; after all the British army was the first modern army to takeover power and set up a Junta!

  3. What an upside-down world we live in!

  4. the dollar shop! I don’t even understand. If wars cost millions a day surely some of that is in wages? Or am i confused. Do these guys go off and leave their families to fend for themselves? ,mercy. c

    • ceciliag: My thought is the wntire thing is a propaganda scheme to make folks think about the military in a context of sacrifice. But that’s just me. Gracias, J

  5. I have a feeling a huge amount of the giving at stores and unsolicited phone calls are great BIG SCAMS. I have yet to hear of any of these people getting help. I have asked several veteran friends about veterans getting help from these organizations that say they help veteran that solicited money through the mail or via the phone sending you a calender, return address stickers or some other trinket. My veteran friends all tell me they solicited through their own members (VFW, American Legion, Disabled Vets, etc.) to help veterans and don’t have any knowledge of these big organizations helping fellow vets. Hummmmm…that is millions and millions of dollars every year. And what about all the money spent to cure cancer…..shouldn’t a cure have been found by now?

    My dad worked in the war works on the west coast during WWII and several times a week there was a call for a $1 to help some widow of a deceased worker. No one on their crew ever died and they started checking around and rarely ever found the supposed dead…..hummmmmm….it was the union leaders and the rank and file in the group Dad was in began to wonder just were the money was going. Maybe that is where these money soliciting organizations learned how.

    Sorry, I am a cynic at heart. I give through my church because I know where the money goes. 100% of every dollar for a given cause gets there because the administration cost come out of the normal organizational expenditures of administrating the national church which is separate money.

    Hope your having a great day. Blessings.

  6. In ancient times they made you carry a soldier’s equipment a mile or so, in gratitude for his readiness to bust your head. Now they just pester you to death for cash you don’t have, `cause they done spent it on their wars.

    • Hi Ed. Good seeing you. Likely they’d still bust heads if it came to it in a way they figured it would pay off and they could get by with it. Gracias, J

  7. That photo is priceless! And not a little scary …

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