The Pulse of US Concern Over Kings and Wannabe Kings

Hi readers.  Got a news flash here on the bumper-sticker issue that has all of you breathless and on the edge of your chairs.

Jeanne, the administrator for this blog, just returned to Kansas from a 10 day, 4300 mile motor trip to Washington and Oregon.  During the trip she was careful  to tally the political bumper stickers encountered on the highways both ways.  Finally finished tallying them up last night and faithfully reported the results to me:

The current King of the US:  3 each.  Two for this election, one for the last one.

The Wannabe King of the US:  1 each. 

Looks like a landslide victory for Long Live the King.  You can’t fight a popular movement.

Remember where you heard it first.

Welcome back, Jeanne.

Old Jules

2 responses to “The Pulse of US Concern Over Kings and Wannabe Kings

  1. Glad Jeanne has returned safely but even happier she had a chance to go Somewhere Else!
    As usual, grinning from ear to ear on the statistics regarding the Men Who Would Be King.

  2. Jeanne’s poll sounds as scientifically valid as any other poll. Does she have an official name for her polling enterprise?

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