Philosophy by Limerick – One Heartbeat Away

Venerated equally by rednecks and aristocrats

Caligula, Julius or Nero
Take your pick. He’s an unlikely hero.
Far better E. Gantry
Or phony philantry
Or maybe just bring back old Spiro.

Old Jules

4 responses to “Philosophy by Limerick – One Heartbeat Away

  1. I’ll never forget the sketch on Laugh-In, where the character in the neighborhood of the White House was packing and moving with frenzied haste because she heard they “got Spiro Agnew” — rumored to be a disease.

    • Hi Ed: I thought about putting up a blog entry of Spiro Agnew quotes for the folk who don’t remember, but it hardly seems worth the effort. Gracias, J

  2. Not by every redneck, using the term very lightly, as no one ever asked to be born, nor had a choice as to its locale…

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