Institutionalized Crisis, Illusion and Hate Management

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I dunno.  It seems to me we’ve been had fairly badly, and we cooperated every step of the way, loving getting our buttons pushed.  It probably began during the Vietnam War.  Maybe further back than that.  But when US National Guardsmen opened fire on protesting students [who might have been threatening them with injury, but certainly not their lives] at Kent State University it seems a turning point, to me.

LBJ and Nixon both loved their military adventure in Vietnam and both spent their terms in office doing everything in their power to polarize opinions about it, to stifle dissent by encouraging and inciting supporters for the war.  Kent State was the first major manifestation of the one side enforcing their views with gunfire directed at the other.

A few years later during the latter years of the Carter Administration it’s been clearly established that the Reagan Campaign lackeys bargained with Iran to keep the Embassy hostage crisis going until after the election.  Kept the daily news full of it.  And bargained with the promise of weaponry that eventually became the Iran/Contra debacle.

Then came the War on Drugs because Reagan [whom I’d voted for] decided there was a drug crisis in the US, started the ball rolling for billions to be spent on new layers of law enforcement, prisons to fill up, a welfare program for lawyers, judges, cops, and private prisons invented to hold the perpetrators of victimless crimes.  Buzzillions of bucks spent to prevent traffic in drugs still available even in prisons, on any street corner in a major city.

Ah.  Then a new crisis.  Militia!  So scary Bill Clinton’s attorney general was sending federal troops to burn down and roast a hundred-or-so religious fanatics in Waco, sneaking up on Danny Weaver’s family at Ruby Ridge killing his teenage son, his wife and her baby.  And various other such.  Because the fear tactic for polarizing the population was that those silly-assed militia might take over this country, might overthrow the entire giant military establishment.

Then came 9/11 and it was Muslims we needed to hate, ‘terrorists’ we needed to spend billions to keep from potentially thousands of dollars worth of damage.  While still keeping up the long-failed War on Drugs.  More layers of law enforcement.  Homeland Security.  Fear and moneymoneymoneymoney.  A new war in Iraq.  Afghanistan.  Moneymoneymoneymoney.

So now we’re down to pretending two identical political parties are at war with one another, got both sides believing the world’s going to end if the other wins the next election.

What fools we mortals be!

Old Jules

14 responses to “Institutionalized Crisis, Illusion and Hate Management

  1. lol that’s right. I’m sick of both my republican and democrat friends saying anything is REALLY going to change.

  2. Fools indeed, what a truly frightening line up of info! c

    • Hi ciciliag: Thanks for coming by. When things take that long it’s not easy to keep up a steam of fright, methinks. I feel fairly unfrightened here, though it’s there to be had if I need some. Gracias, J

  3. When you put it like that it makes me realise it is not only our country in such a mess. Don’t know if you follow our news at all?
    30 miners shot dead in a confrontation with the cops….hmmmm…. something to blog about.

    • Granny 1947: Human condition, I reckons. The aristocrats don’t like people muddying the water and they make certain there’s a price per gallon for anyone does it. Gracias, J

  4. As long as government can make its citizens live in fear and want, they are in control of most of the population. Am I a fool to want peace in my life?

  5. SprinklinThoughts

    Wonder what would happen if we had “None of the above” on the ballot? Then, if ‘none of the above’ got a mojority of votes, we’d have to start over with a new field of candidates and vote again – and let’s say we had to do all that in, oh, maybe 8 weeks?
    Just a thought.

    • SprinklinThoughts: Likely the aristocrats would find a way around it. The lunatics ain’t likely to give up ruling the asylum without something more than paper prying them out of their hideyholes. Gracias, J

      • SprinklinThoughts

        Yeah, it was just a thought. Actually, I agree with you… but it’d be nice to avoid all that unpleasantness… too bad it has to be that way.

  6. I agree with your sentiments, but George H.W. Bush was still President when federal agents killed Randy Weaver’s pregnant wife.
    Bill Clinton and Janet Reno get full credit for the Waco tragedy, however.

  7. The really ugly polarizing of the nation came into fruition with the rise of J. Edgar Hoover and the beginnings of the FBI. Senator Joe McCarthy added fuel to the fire. Things have been pretty sorry ever since.

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