The TimeWarpsVille Saga – A Town Beginning to Forget

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.

Trucking down mainstreet toward the courthouse I immediately noticed the flags are gone, and of the dozen-or-more of these signs there a month ago, only three are left.

Bad sign, thinks I while ignoring inconvenient puns.  Might mean there are some intelligent, ethical people in Junction, Texas, with some class.  People who aren’t allowing themselves to be brow-beaten by kneejerks to backhandedly exploit the dead for some obscure political message.

People who’ve thoughtfully arrived at the realization that some things are better forgotten.

Lousy people to have on juries.  Might reduce my chances for getting exempted.

However, then I arrived at the courthouse.  The place was strangely quiet.

Clock said it was what?  4:30 am?  I’m there in plenty of time.  But my watch says it’s 9:00 am.

But the sign on the door explains all.

But parenthetically adds we ain’t allowed to burn down the County Courthouse.

So, I’m free.  Got time to kill, a whole town to stick my nose into.  Gas gauge is showing empty, so first I swing in for a tank of cheap petrol.

$50 later I drift over for five minutes of free prayer and a Kow Kick.  Hadn’t done any gratitude affirmations yet about jury duty being cancelled, and a non-Christian doesn’t get many offers for free prayer.  Much less with a Kow Kick thrown in.

Sooooo. Off to the city park for a while, spent an hour or so in the graveyard, which is cool, had some Lum’s barbeque, examined various historical markers.  All of which I’ll report to you in loving detail during otherwise dull moments of the future.

Meanwhile, feel free to forget.  It’s surprisingly uplifting, cleansing, and clears the conscience of all that guilt for trying to exploit the dead.  Helps make a classy individual of you.  Might make people believe you’re intelligent, well-rounded and capable of thinking for yourself.

Old Jules

5 responses to “The TimeWarpsVille Saga – A Town Beginning to Forget

  1. Interesting fuel prices in the photos Jules. If those prices are per gallon, the Diesel roughly translates to £2.40 per gallon. We in the UK now have to buy by the Litre because of the bloody European Union, it seems we are more governed by Brussels these days more than by London. However, I digress. I currently pay £1.40 per litre which is approximately £7.00 per gallon or about $11.06 per gal. by my reckoning.
    I think I just read that we in the UK are the fifth most expensive in the world for fuel. The cheapest was Venezuela where they pay $0.08 cents a gallon or 1 pence per litre!
    Sounds like you had a lucky escape from the Jury duty. I have still never ever been called up for duty ever, whereas most of my friends have at sometime. I guess the court looks at my past and see’s that I spent most of my life in the music business and snigger behind their hand and say Next!

    • Hi Mark. Thanks for coming by. Seems to me fuel prices are probably going to become higher in Europe and the US more-or-less continuously until the bottom falls out or someone finds another way to provide propulsion for vehicles. Best we get used to it, I figures. Gracias, J

  2. When I did jury duty earlier this year the only thing that surpassed the stupidity of the burglars, fraudsters and thugs on trial was the bungling of the investigating cops.

    • Hi Ship’s Cook: I’m not certain there’s a difference except by splitting hairs and shaving nuances between burglars, fraudsters and thugs, and cops. Though there’s possibly the occasional exception. Gracias, J

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