The TimeWarpsVille Saga – Civilization Arrives

Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

Visitors Not Having Fun Will Be Prosecuted

Civilization is seeping into TimeWarpsVille, and it’s rearing its ugly head in the Junction City Park.

Rules Carefully Disambiguated

Enjoyment is facilitated by clarifications and footnotes to entrance rules.

Dive Risks Deferred to Others

But who the hell wants to swim at his own risk?

ALL chains must be securely fastened to craft.

Several safe flying saucer tiedowns are provided.

I didn’t feel much like skinny-dipping at my own risk and suspected I was having more fun than the law allows.  Decided it was time to head for the graveyard or one of the museums.  Maybe look over some historical marker sites.

Old Jules

8 responses to “The TimeWarpsVille Saga – Civilization Arrives

  1. From the looks of things in the photo, seems to me it wouldn’t be possible to swim below the dam, though I suppose wading in up to your ankles might work.

  2. I get very amused when the signs outnumber the people there to read them.

  3. Sounds about as much fun as visiting the license bureau.

    • Bev: No place near the license bureau to tie down my flying saucer, though. Gracias, J

      • Feel lucky that my UFO just hovers. It doesn’t need tied down! This Gypsy is always ready for take off.

        • Hi Bev: I’m having trouble getting my UFO far enough off the ground to need tying down. But those folks who can afford UFOs with all the darting-around capabilities need to have something to keep them from running off grazing on Venus or the wind blowing them into a radio tower, etc. Gracias, J

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