The TimeWarpVille Saga – Remembering Isaac Koontz

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TimeWarpVille: “We Will Never Forget!”

Every year in TimeWarpVille on Christmas day a posse of local horsemen armed with modern weaponry meets at this spot, where they display their determination to never forget Isaac Koontz.   

After passing around all the new firearms they got for Christmas they somberly climb these stairs to the now-somewhat-neglected shrine.

We’ve maybe forgotten something?

Surrounding the shrine, they kneel and remove their hats, whispering among themselves what a fine lad Isaac must have been, though none have a distinct recollection of him.

After five carefully timed minutes they descend the staircase, mount up and the elected leader shouts, “Forwarrrrrd, HO!”  Waving a Texas flag, he motions forward.  “Let’s KILL us some INDIANS boys!” 

They ride to the top of the hill behind the monument searching for Comanche spying on the highway and the monument.

Finding no hostiles there they gaze respectfully down at the monument, pass around their hip flasks, swallow solemnly, and descend the hill.  Usually no shots are fired.

As they load their horses into their stock trailers they ask how Aunt Tillie’s doing, order one another to have a merry Christmas and happy new year, gun their engines and return to their families, better men for having remembered something they didn’t experience and someone they never knew.

Their lives more secure in the knowledge the Comanche haven’t killed anyone around TimeWarpVille in recent centuries thanks to their vigilance.

Old Jules

8 responses to “The TimeWarpVille Saga – Remembering Isaac Koontz

  1. Well, at least they remember and it gives them something to do.

    • DizzyDick: Remembering events a person wasn’t present for, happened to people we didn’t know, never met, is a tricky business for human beings. Remembering imaginings is as close as we can come to it, I figures. And remembered imaginings usually doesn’t even have the substance of dreams. But pretending to remember imaginings can, at least, give a person something to do. Reading names of strangers off lists, burning candles, waving flags, playing to the people around us with tears and prayers and theatrics is a big pleaser as a means of conveying something absent. Gracias, J

  2. love your descriptions of lemming joy.

  3. @DizzyDick remembered what? To remember something you first have to experience it! How many of these gun-toting racists do you think experienced 1876?
    These are the same people who wear white bed sheets over their heads to hide their identity and who then go out and shout about how everyone should put down anyone who doesn’t have white skin! Reminds me a bit of that other feller….what’s his name…..oh yeah….Adolf Hitler!!!
    God bless dear Isaac, but his family are to blame not the long suffering indigenous natives who lost more than a son!
    Rant over…apologies Jules.

    • Hi Mark. No problem with the rant, but I hope you realize the Christmas meetings are a fig-newton of my imaginings. As for the killing, enough of it went on in all directions to spread the guilt around and smooth it out, thinks I. The Comanche took this land away from the Tonkawa and Lipan, slaughtered them when they could and mostly wiped the Lipan off the map. No apologies for any of our ancestors quite fit the actualities. Gracias, J

  4. You have such a wicked sense of humor, Jules. Wince and chuckle…chuckle and wince.

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