Three cats and a hat overgrazing the gas stations

Good morning readers.

I’m not going to furnish you with an image.  I’m not even going to regale you with all the tales came into my mind as the cats and I travelled across west Texas.  We talked it out, mainly in loud meowws and decided there was a lot worthy of remaining unsaid until the dust settles a bit.

We’re in Andrews, Texas, after spending the night in a WalMart parking lot in Midland.  Took the Andrews Highway out of Midland after daybreak because the cats couldn’t wait to get back on the road.  Strangely, the Andrews Highway out of Midland doesn’t go to Andrews.  Goes spang to wossname, Odessa, instead.

So the cats and I asked a guy pulled into a gas station with a truck carrying a large piece of machinery I didn’t know what was and he cleared the matter up.

This trip is beginning to feel a bit like Travels with Charlie if wossname Ernest Hemingway’d written it instead of John Steinway and three cats instead of a dog.

The S key on this thing is being a Communist, but it’s only to be expected.

More later.  Stay tuned.

Old Jules

16 responses to “Three cats and a hat overgrazing the gas stations

  1. Jules, we just left Andrew’s last week…we’re now in CARLSBAD. Nice little plug in site by the CoC…It’s free. (In Andrew’s).

  2. The headline to this post is a crack-up and attention getting. 🙂

  3. Jules and his adventures. Never gets old.

  4. Glad to know you and your feline family are well and making progress on your trip.


  6. The question crosses my mind: Are you having a good time? I too have been down those roads and enjoyed every bend in the road.

    • Hi Gypsy Bev: Yeah, hard though I tried not to, I’ve been bad about having a good time almost anything I did the past few years. Haven’t been able to break the trend this time around. Gracias, J

  7. I thought of you last night, when I heard on the evening news that employs many RV migrant workers in Texas, that the parking lot is full of RVs and the situation is mutually beneficial each holiday season. The majority of the people who work the holiday shipping season tend to be retirees.
    Nice hat in the new photo.

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