Where Were You When The World Ended?

When the world ended

The End Of The World by Archibald MacLeish

Quite unexpectedly, as Vasserot
The armless ambidextrian was lighting
A match between his great and second toe,
And Ralph the lion was engaged in biting
The neck of Madame Sossman while the drum
Pointed, and Teeny was about to cough
In waltz-time swinging Jocko by the thumb
Quite unexpectedly to top blew off:

And there, there overhead, there, there hung over
Those thousands of white faces, those dazed eyes,
There in the starless dark, the poise, the hover,
There with vast wings across the cancelled skies,
There in the sudden blackness the black pall
Of nothing, nothing, nothing — nothing at all.

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.   I’m the more profoundly enlightened, severely evolved creature who used to be Old Jules before the Mayan calendar ended.

As for the Mayan calendar, I think we have to assume the ancient Mayans were referring to Greenwich time, midnight.  I can’t see any way around it.  It all had to begin somewhere and I think the ancient Mayans were sufficiently wise to begin it in a place where everyone in the future would be able to agree when it happened.

For the cats and me, that was Big Lake, Texas.  A city park there with dozens of RV connections and three free overnight connections, according to information online.  But when the Mayan calendar ended I happened to be walking on the pavement near a dim sign I’ll paraphrase as saying, “Welcome to Big Lake overnight RV connections.  $15 per night, enjoy, stay as long as you wish and come back often.”

Big Lake Park hookups

As the Coincidence Coordinators would have it, I’d been there a couple of hours, trying out a new harness and leash I’d bought in the Walmart store in Midland, Texas, on each of the cats.  I’d noticed I was the target of repeated scrutiny by a Big Lake City Police officer driving slowly by, me smiling and half-waving as he went by.  Him not smiling, not waving.

Big Lake Park

Then, cats all battened back down into the RV, I took a longer walk and found myself more informed about the Post Mayan calendar calendar and surviving the coming times with the least possible bullshit for all concerned.

So the cats and I celebrated the birth of the new era by topping off the gas tank and heading off down the road where the glow of headlights might shine on someplace free to sleep off the emerging shock of sudden evolution.

Ended up in a Rest Area somewhere between Ozona and Snora around 10:00 pm the Day the World Ended.

I’ve some retrospectives about the people and places of the previous several days, but I’m shooting this off just to suggest if you’re ever looking for a place to spend a hassle-free night parked free with cats purring on your chest, stay out of Big Lake, Texas.

But I’ve digressed.  About that photo at the top:

Very few white men have ever witnessed what honest-to-goodness, eat-it-down-to-the-rocks over-grazing looks like unless they’ve visited the Navajo Reservation in the four-corners area of New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Arizona. 

Or Texas.

The New Old Jules

11 responses to “Where Were You When The World Ended?

  1. Hey, there. How many cats have decided to make the trip, and how little did they enjoy the harness? We put a cat in our car both days of the weekend, at his insistence, and the locals do believe that is strange. Cops here are more likely to say awwwww than glare, however. If we ever see a cop, that is. And Ireland is as green in the fields as everyone thinks we are. Sort of a shame to fill all that green up with sheep.

  2. Sipping coffee and munching doughnut holes… the anticlimax…

  3. I, for one, am quite happy that the world has finally come to an end. Unfortunately, I heard on the evening news that some are trying to postpone the event for a few days, saying that there is a two day discrepancy in the calendar (rolling my eyes.) I am probably not as profoundly enlightened by this event as you are, but I am certain that “doomsayers” are very negative people.

  4. Hey Jules! I spent my last day shoveling snow and spreading ice melt.Yep that time of year in Indiana.Hell if the world was gonna end I wanted to make sure the yuppies wouldn’t slide on the ice and get hurt ya know! I suppose the world could end at any moment Personally i expect the Ben and Timmy show to cause it. Not world blowing up type scenario,more like dollar becomes worthless starving folks fight or do what they have to ta get by,ya know? Might just make Mayans way tame in comparison !! Maybe we should change the channel and not watch Ben and Timmy show?

  5. Glad you found the right place for you and the cats.

  6. Hi Jules,
    Judging from the photo, you were already at the world’s end when the world was supposed to end. 😉
    Take care, and safe and enjoyable travelling,

  7. I was actually at one of the towns that Old Jules Sandoz lived for awhile back in the day. O’Neill, Nebraska. His cabin has been partially restored, but we didn’t visit it in particular.

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