In Which I Meet the Fluido Machine

Nice pic of Shiva and a bit of terror of the aftermath of having steel plates or something installed in your wrist joints.

Jeanne Kasten Studio

The doctor said I’m ahead of the curve on the healing process and set me up with several physical therapy sessions. I’ll see him again in two weeks, but now I’m allowed out of the splint three times a day for an hour at a time to do the exercises.


First they did all kinds of detailed measurements of how much movement I had in my wrist. Then the therapist checked the amount of grip on both hands. Right hand: 45 pounds. Left hand: 3 pounds. She said the amount of strength I feel is all in the arm, not the wrist.  Then she plugged in the Fluido machine to pre-heat it for me.


The Fluido Machine   is just the right amount of technology. It’s basically ground up corn husks blown around in a container of hot air. The corn husks absorb heat. You stick your arm in it for…

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2 responses to “In Which I Meet the Fluido Machine

  1. Thanks for the re-blog. Actually, the process seems to be proceeding normally. There are plenty of terror stories on the internet, however. Glad mine is going so well.

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