Old Sol’s Flipping Magnetic Field Crisis

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The Sun’s Magnetic Field is about to Flip



So here we are again, human beings screwing things up from hell to breakfast in the solar system.  Back a few decades ago before anyone had ever noticed the polarity of the sun reverses itself every eleven years [it’s assumed, because we donealready saw it happen three times already] nobody realized how badly human beings were messing things up.

This polarity reversal seems to correspond to Jupiter being at a particular place in its orbit, similar to the sun spot cycle doing it roughly then, also.  Pure coincidence.

The reality is that human beings are creating too much various stuff in their lifestyles and some laws are going to have to be passed to keep this sort of thing from happening.  Won’t be anytime at all before the academians calling themselves scientists will be lining up for grants to study it all and make recommendations about what laws need passing.

Because those solar reversals are just another sign that man needs to mend his ways.

I consulted Old Sol about it while we were praying him up this morning, but He seemed to have a cold, runny nose or some such thing.  Kept sort of sneezing I reckons, making funny noises.

Guess he didn’t want to talk about it.  Probably something personal.

Old Jules

2 responses to “Old Sol’s Flipping Magnetic Field Crisis

  1. My gosh Jules, this happens every 11 years? No wonder I’m attention deficit and can’t hold a real job. Now with a good lawyer from the back page of the phone book, I will have the proof I need to get disability checks.

    • Diane: If they give you any trouble just tell them you know me.

      The first time they noticed it they were fairly certain it happens every century or so. Next time around they’d said so much about the century thing it wasn’t easy to back off. Thought it might be an anomaly, a fluke, or that it might be intermittent, those reversals.

      But three’s charmed and lights went off all over the place in favor of 11 years the next time. So now it’s set in concrete, though it’s still ‘not fully understood’ exactly how, why, etc, it happens at all.

      Gracias, J

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