Strangers in Good Company – Octagenarian chick flick

Hi readers.  One hell of a fine movie streaming on Netflix.

Strangers in Good Company 1990PG 100 minutes, Eight elderly women are left stranded in the wilderness with only their wits, their memories and eventually some roasted frogs’ legs to sustain them. More Info, Starring: Alice Diabo, Constance Garneau, Director: Cynthia Scott
A nun, a lesbian, a grandmother or three, artist, birdwatcher, farm girl.  They talk about life, death, love, fear, war and death again as they struggle to catch fish, frogs, find sustenance in the wilderness long enough to survive.
*****, Five Stars is how I rate this movie, how tickled I am to have overcome my male prejudices against chick flicks and watched it.

4 responses to “Strangers in Good Company – Octagenarian chick flick

  1. Carole Kelderman

    Loved it. Rejoined Netflix to watch the rest of your recommendations. Carole

    • Thank you Carole. I can’t imagine it being anything but fun. In case I haven’t mentioned them, I give 5 stars to a laotian film, THE ROCKET, and a Mexican film, AMERICAN FLYER. Not AMERICAN FLYERS. About a young man south of the Mexican Border who wants to be an illegal alien but always gets caught. Builds a powered hang glider oout of a wheelbarrow and tent nylon. Enjoy. Jack

  2. Hey my brother –
    got a blog you might want to check out:

    Great source of foreign films to look into.

    Brought you to mind.


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