Delicious low sodium hamburger

Hi readers.  I just devoured one of these  and can testify there’s none better.

  1. When you make up your ground beef patties use onion powder as a flour to separate the patties.  But first sprinkle on lime powder, coriander, black pepper.
  2. Thaw one Pattie and cook or grill it.
  3. Using two slices of low sodium sandwich bread paste on home-made catsup [no sodium] made from sweet peppers and rice vinegar blended and boiled.
  4. Prepare the bread surface with no sodium catsup below cilantro, chopped green onions and spinach leaves on one slice.
  5. If you like mustard, mix a tablespoon of mustard flour with equal amount of water and spread on the surface of the remaining bread slice.
  6. Place the meat, cooked to taste, on the bread with the spinach, cilantro, and green onion, then cover it all with the slice covered with mustard.

Beats hell out of traditional hamburgers and you only get the salt that came naturally in the ground beef, plus 30-60 mg of salt in each slice of bread.

Old Jules

Afterthought:  If you don’t have an economical source for lime juice powder and onion flour [powder] you can buy it by the pound from  – the mixture of onion flour and lime juice powder is the absolute best substitute for salt I’ve found, bar none.  Beats the stuff sold as salt substitutes such as wossname, Madam Upso Salt and Mr. Ersatz Sodium all to hell.


2 responses to “Delicious low sodium hamburger

  1. When I made this bread i only use teaspoon of salt, I’ll bet you could by with a half teaspoon. I’ve no idea how that works to mg/slice but a teaspoon is 2300 mg..
    Here is the bread I have been making every week (Sunday) for a long time now, I like it.

    3 cups hot tap water (there is no chlorine in our water)
    2 teaspoons yeast
    7 cups bread flour

    mix these together enough to wet the flour and set aside covered. I usually let it set for 4 or more hours, it gets a good smell.

    After it sets I knead it in the Kitchenaid machine. I do it on as low as it will do it and add 1 teaspoon salt while mixing. Mix it (knead) 8 to 10 min (still on low)
    (I have done this by hand too…)

    After kneading I let it sit for 1 hour, then turn it out on a board and let it rest for 5 min. Then I cut and shape it. (2 loaves)
    I either use small pie pans for round loaves or the long french bread shaped loves on a cookie sheet.
    After it’s shaped I let it proof for AT LEAST one hour.
    Then I bake it in a pre heated 500 degree (f) oven. (I pre heat it maybe 20 min.) it’s in the hot oven for 17 min. I get some great oven spring with the round loaves .

    This is a wet dough so I wet my hands when I handle it, the extra water is not going to hurt it and it won’t stick to the wet hands. With nothing but flour-water-yeast-salt you can cook it hot.

    Good bread.

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