Audie Murphy, Cuba and a meaner baby face than Baby Face Nelson

Hi readers.  Most of you are too young to remember who Audie Murphy was.  Who he was was a killer the likes of which most wars don’t have the violent potential to produce.  Baby Face Murphy lodged himself on a burning tank with a machine gun and proceeded to mow down close-up and personal more Germans than is possible.  Armed and dangerous Germans.

Well, hell.  That got him the Congressional Medal of Honor because nobody wanted to have him come home carrying any grudges against anyone back here.  Made him a movie star and he stayed one until his death sometime in the 70s.  Free basing cocaine I think it was, and caught fire.  But that might have been someone else.  Maybe Ricky Nelson.

The Gun Runners 1958NR82 minutes A down-on-his luck charter boat captain is ensnared in the deadly machinations of a wily American who is smuggling illegal arms to Cuban rebels. More Info  Starring: Audie Murphy, Eddie Albert Director: Don Siegel

Anyway, most of you probably don’t remember that Cuba used to be a place where a Carib dictator named Batista did what Carib dictators do.  Did it enough worse than Papa Doc Duvallier to cause the US public to cheer the revolutionary splinters operating in the jungles.  Including one carrying the name Fidel Castro

Anyway, streaming on Netflix is the full version of Audie Murphy and wossname, the guy who played Marcus Welby, and a lot of Goldiloxes all getting into a lot of trouble between Key West and Havana.

Poor Baby Face Murphy.  Life was easier for him when he was just shooting a machine gun from atop a burning tank.  Wasn’t as dangerous as free-basing cocaine, either.  Or whatever it was got him dead.

Old Jules


6 responses to “Audie Murphy, Cuba and a meaner baby face than Baby Face Nelson

  1. I remember Mr. Murphy. I knew about his war exploits and I have seen him in a few western cowboy movies. He WAS a war hero. BTW, he was killed in a plane crash.

    • Hi Dizzy. Yeah I recall it was a plane crash. What I’m not sure of is that it was a plane crash similar for all practical purposes, to the one that killed Ricky Nelson involving fre-basing coke. If it wasn’t then it was something else war heroes ought not be doing that caused that plane crash. Gracias, J

  2. I don’t know what caused it, but everyone knows what caused Ricky Nelson’s plane crash. Success, fame, and money changes a lot of people for the worse.

    • Dizzy: Ricky did okay considering how early TV got hold of him. Nobody ever got addicted nor ODed listening to his music and the rest was his own affair. Nobody else’s business. Gracias, J

  3. Thank him and others like him for your right to have your say.

    • Yep anonymous. And thanks to people such as yourself there’ll never be any sense made of it all. Just a lot more mindless hero worship from cretins without ever asking what the hell those people are doing in Iraq, Afghanistan? What were they doing in Korea and Vietnam? Do you honestly believe you lost freedoms when we lost Vietnam and might as well have lost Korea? Grenada? The fact is, anonymous, the problem isn’t confined to the politicians and war profiteers. It’s the banal mindless followers carrying the spears for them. You and your ilk. J

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