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The Last Summer of La Boyita – gender ambiguities

THE LAST SUMMER OF LA BOYITA – Trailer – Peccadillo streaming on Netflix

The Last Summer of La Boyita 2009NR 88 minutes On her summer vacation, young Jorgelina travels to the countryside, where she befriends a local ranch hand with an unusual secret. More Info Starring: Guadalupe Alonso, Nicolás Treise Director: Julia Solomonoff

The lush countryside of Argentina sets the tone for this tender tale of the summer when childhood is left behind. As school uniforms are sloughed off in favor of bathing suits, much more is revealed. Argentina , 2009 , 86 min. Screening Monday, June 21, 7:00 PM during the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival.

A promising lad on a ranch in Argentina begins to experience monthly bleeding and growing boobs.  Mom takes him to the nearest physician, who examines, looks strangely at her, hands her a sheaf of typed reports of findings and recommendations to go to Buenos Aires for extensive testing by a specialist.

Mama goes home and the bleeding stops, so she puts the papers in a safe place and forgets it all.  Meanwhile the absentee doctor from somewhere else who owns the ranch comes back for the summer with his daughter.  The boygirl friendish ranch hand starts bleeding again and confides to the doctor’s daughter, who confides the secret to doctor/owner.

He examines the youngster and discovers he was misdiagnosed at birth as being a boy.  That he’s actually a budding female.

Naturally his father, the ranch manager, beats the holy hell out of him as soon as he learns of it because of the deception.

And so on.

An amusing and unusual movie.

Old Jules


Dildo as an alternative to abortion

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by.

I was watching a movie on Netflix last night about Puerto Ricans living in Chicago, a considerable enclave of them.  At one point a 15 year old girl was asking her sister how old she’d been when she first had sex with a man.

Ohhh.  Mom hasn’t talked to you yet?  We’ve got to get you a dildo!”

“I don’t want a dildo.”

No, what you don’t want is a kid before you finish school.  A dildo is what you want.”

Earthy, practical.  Unexpected.

Streaming on Netflix.  Generally a fairly lame movie, other than the thing about the dildo.

Chicago Boricua

(Boricua) 2004R1hr 47m In this edgy character study set in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood, a group of young Puerto Ricans grapple with issues of identity.

On the other hand, All Night Bodega 2002R90 minutes was okay as such things go:

Seeking a better life for herself, 15-year-old Venus breaks away from her rough neighborhood and gets caught up in a world of violence and crime. More Info

Starring:  Jaime Tirelli, Tammy Trull Director: Felix Olivier

Dildos for the girls and castration for the boys and we’d have this probably under control among those who could be caught before the word got out.

Old Jules

Tough choices

An Israeli intelligence service cop cultivates a relationship with a kid living near one of the Israeli settlements and nurtures it.  Reason being to create an informant to betray the people who live around him.

The cop might actually kid himself it’s about friendship, that he cares what happens to the kid.  He seems to at times.  But when discussing it with his bosses in cophood he has to deny it, has to claim it’s about using the kid.

And use him he does.  The kid’s brother is a serious player in trying to discourage Israel’s expansion outside its boundaries.  He’s killing people in East Jerusalem.  The Israeli cops want him badly and eventually the cop uses information provided by the kid to trap the brother inside a building and execute him.

Bethlehem 2013 NR99 minutes An informant for Israel’s Shin Bet intelligence service, Palestinian Sanfur is torn when his brother becomes an agency target. More Info Starring: Tsahi Halevi, Shadi Mar’i Director: Yuval Adler

Unsurprisingly the kid gets pissed, but his involvement with the cop gets him on a hit list among the Arabs for collaborating.  He’s offered a possible pardon if he kills the cop.

Your average, “Eek, there’s a nigger in the White House!” patriot never has to ask himself any moral questions, any ethical questions.  All he’s got to do is run around in increasingly smaller circles squealing and waving the flag anytime someone points at a war somewhere.  “Support the troops!” is about as complicated as it gets.  “Stand with Israel,” doesn’t even need saying.  Bought and paid for politicians have already taken care of Israel.

But you’ve got to admit those Israeli human beings and those Palestine human beings should be finding themselves with serious questions about what they are doing.  Which they probably aren’t.

If you’re a non-Jew living next door to Israel in Palestine you can watch Israel stealing it, piece-by-piece, house-by-house.  They’ll come right out and tell you God gave it to them.  Some people will inevitably fight back.  And those will be labelled terrorists.

If you’re an Israeli and you believe God gave you the keys to the land outside the boundaries set by International Law and the United Nations, anything goes.  Duplicity, manipulation, torture, force, bullying, lies.  Because you are motivated by the higher good.  By the fact that trumps all the others:  God gave you anything you want in Israel and Palestine.  All you’re doing is taking what’s rightfully yours.

I gave this movie a 5 star rating.

Old Jules

Pretty enjoyable grannylady chick flick

Hi readers.  She snuck out of the nursing home they put her in after they snagged her car and sold her house.  When a movie begins with that there’s nothing much can be done to spoil the ending.  I’d put it up beside Harry and Tonto, generally.
Redwood Highway, 2013PG-131hr 30m, You rated this movie: 5 ,  Itching to get out of her retirement community but estranged from her family, Marie uses her granddaughter’s wedding as an excuse to go on a walk.
Woman my age dons a backpack and hikes roughly 100 miles up the California coast dodging search and rescue, refusing rides and shooting molesters in the face with bear spray.

Audie Murphy, Cuba and a meaner baby face than Baby Face Nelson

Hi readers.  Most of you are too young to remember who Audie Murphy was.  Who he was was a killer the likes of which most wars don’t have the violent potential to produce.  Baby Face Murphy lodged himself on a burning tank with a machine gun and proceeded to mow down close-up and personal more Germans than is possible.  Armed and dangerous Germans.

Well, hell.  That got him the Congressional Medal of Honor because nobody wanted to have him come home carrying any grudges against anyone back here.  Made him a movie star and he stayed one until his death sometime in the 70s.  Free basing cocaine I think it was, and caught fire.  But that might have been someone else.  Maybe Ricky Nelson.

The Gun Runners 1958NR82 minutes A down-on-his luck charter boat captain is ensnared in the deadly machinations of a wily American who is smuggling illegal arms to Cuban rebels. More Info  Starring: Audie Murphy, Eddie Albert Director: Don Siegel

Anyway, most of you probably don’t remember that Cuba used to be a place where a Carib dictator named Batista did what Carib dictators do.  Did it enough worse than Papa Doc Duvallier to cause the US public to cheer the revolutionary splinters operating in the jungles.  Including one carrying the name Fidel Castro

Anyway, streaming on Netflix is the full version of Audie Murphy and wossname, the guy who played Marcus Welby, and a lot of Goldiloxes all getting into a lot of trouble between Key West and Havana.

Poor Baby Face Murphy.  Life was easier for him when he was just shooting a machine gun from atop a burning tank.  Wasn’t as dangerous as free-basing cocaine, either.  Or whatever it was got him dead.

Old Jules


After Porn Ends

after p;orn ends

Hi readers.  A recently released study reveals the NSA, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and local law enforcement agencies in the US account for the viewing of one million porn movies every day.  The White House, Congress amd Congressional Oversight Committees, and various concerned federal agency employees account for another million viewings.

All of which defines the importance of the movie, AFTER PORN ENDS, now streaming on Netflix.  A movie bulging with US national security concerns, political concerns, legal concerns and psychological health concerns.

After Porn Ends , 2010NR 93 minutes, This documentary explores the careers of some of porn’s top stars and examines their adjustment to “normal” society after leaving adult entertainment. More Info, Starring: Mary Carey, Asia Carrera
Director: Bryce Wagoner
What ever became, you’ve probably asked yourself, of Asia Carrera, Tiffany Million, Mary Carey, Crissy Moran, Seka, Amber Lynn, Shelley Lubbing, Erica Lauren, Raylene, Nina Hartley, Houston, Tera Patrick, Jenna Jamison, Roxy, and Laura Palmer?  What about John Leslie and those guys?
Thanks to the NSA, the FBI and Homeland Security, After Porn Ends tells it all.  Official interviews with all the stars of yesteryear.
And mostly they’re doing okay.  They made a lot of money in that business back when government employees and law enforcement officials couldn’t watch it free.  But all agree it’s a profession, an industry that’s suffered and gone down in quality along with diminished opportunities for the current run of porn stars.
John Leslie summed it up best.  “It was good while it lasted.  I had approximately 3000 beautiful women in my life, only worked a few days a year and made a lot of money.  I can’t complain.”
Mostly none of them had any deep regrets about choosing porn over other possible professions they might have been qualified for.  “I couldn’t have been better at anything else, couldn’t have made as much money.  I’d have to weigh that against the downside, such as having a lot of sex, doing a LOT of drugs, partying a lot, and having more fun than people experience in other jobs.  Mostly I think I’d do it again.”
Old Jules 

The Monastery: Mr. Vid and the Nun [Russian Orthodox in Norway]

Hi readers.  More Nun stuff.

Worlds collide, tempers flare and dreams come true when Mr. Vig, an 82-year-old Danish recluse who has never known love, and Sister Amvrosija, a headstrong nun, join forces to transform Mr. Vig’s run-down castle into a Russian Orthodox monastery.