Pretty enjoyable grannylady chick flick

Hi readers.  She snuck out of the nursing home they put her in after they snagged her car and sold her house.  When a movie begins with that there’s nothing much can be done to spoil the ending.  I’d put it up beside Harry and Tonto, generally.
Redwood Highway, 2013PG-131hr 30m, You rated this movie: 5 ,  Itching to get out of her retirement community but estranged from her family, Marie uses her granddaughter’s wedding as an excuse to go on a walk.
Woman my age dons a backpack and hikes roughly 100 miles up the California coast dodging search and rescue, refusing rides and shooting molesters in the face with bear spray.

2 responses to “Pretty enjoyable grannylady chick flick

  1. My kind of people. My kind of movie. Talk about moxie. 😀 😀 😀

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