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What homo sapiens think about

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.

Most of you probably are aware that as soon as human beings discovered, sometime during the 1700s, I think, that they were Homo sapiens, they figured out they needed a dictionary to find out what they were.  When they discovered they are wise and judgemental by definition, they immediately began wondering what they thought about.

The question was a tough one.  Mostly humans seemed to think they’d like a little something to eat.  Or they thought they’d like another brewsky, or they thought they were horny.  Sometimes, particularly during the winter months Homo sapiens thought it was cold and some even thought they’d like something to wrap around themselves to get warmer.

But otherwise Homo sapiens sapiens were less obvious about what they were thinking and discovering the nature of it eluded scientists.  Until psychology, then Facebook came along to allow them to publicly display what they were thinking.

“I think [name a celebrity] is awesome!”

“I think those [name a sports team] are awesome!”

“I think [name a consumer item] is awesome.”

“I think mean people suck!”

“I think I need a raise in pay!”

“I think the boss sucks!”

Researchers confirm that 98.7 percent of homo sapiens thought are either among these, or are within the same family of concepts.

Good to know we know what we are finally.

Old Jules

Jeanne arrives back in KC area fleeing Japanese nuclear attack on US west coast

Hi readers.  Hydrox and Ms. Shiva did Snoopy dances last night when Jeanne arrived back here.  She’d been the past couple of weeks climbing wet mountains and doing other things people do out there under the Japanese nuclear threat.  Although she didn’t say so to the cats, her arrival was timed in such a way as to suggest she came back fleeing the Japanese invasion of Hawaii.

Japan practices amphibious landing in Hawaii

It’s long been known, both by Japanese military planners and by US historians that WWII would have gone a lot differently if Japan had followed up the Pearl Harbor attack with an invasion of the island.  The recent reinterpretation of the post-WWII Japanese constitution allowing renewed military adventures by Japan requires absorbing lessons learned from WWII so they don’t make the same mistakes again.  Practice landings on Hawaii, and possibly later on areas of the US west coast not yet too heavily contaminated by radiation from Japanese nuclear plants will help assure that next time things will be different.

Anyway, Jeanne didn’t say anything about all this.  Her climbing of Mount Whatchallit, Ranier? etc etc etc went as well as could be expected.  She took plus/minus 2500 photographs, stayed various places, and despite the radiation, wasn’t all that anxious to return.

Today’s a new beginning returning to working two, count’em, two, jobs again.  Which evidently still weighs in better than radiation poisoning as a way to count off the days she has left in life.

The cats and I were glad to see her back, everything else being equal.

Old Jules